Robin Hood Trial Exposes FK Hypocrisy


If you haven’t been out of town in the last week or so you probably know that Keene’s sapient roach infestation staved off another visit from the city’s metaphorical Orkin man. As some SFK forum members have commented: it’s a hollow victory. The public’s opinion of Bernard’s clown car troupe couldn’t be lower and even his peers are leery of associating with him as evidenced by the lackluster turn-out at this year’s Keenevention. Even if FK was able to pull off another court upset the damage to their good reputation (lol) has been lethal.

None can be blamed for avoiding the toxic group when the trial has expertly peeled back the layers of FK hypocrisy and shown Ian to be the charlatan he is. FK has consistently hid behind the Constitution while demonizing the entities that enforce it. Bernard and his peers have no qualms with showing their disregard for governing bodies and the laws they uphold and in some cases advocating violent action against government workers. Ian is even an avowed secessionist and has used “freeman on the land” hokum to get out of a parking ticket.

FK’s ambulance chaser uses the First Amendment to argue that the city’s request for a buffer zone is an infringement of the free speech clause. He uses a batshit interpretation of Article 8 of the NH state constitution suggesting it tacitly condones being a giant prick to government employees. The question that should be asked is why are anti-statists using the state to protect themselves?

This easily leads one to conclude that FK hypocritically argues against the validity of the social contract while reaping it’s benefits. By way of RationalWiki:

The social contract is a political concept proposing that there is an implied agreement between individuals and the society to which they belong, in which they agree to adhere to that society’s laws and norms in exchange for the benefits of thereto belonging. In simpler terms, it is the idea that people naturally give up a small degree of individual liberties in exchange for the protections of society.

Constitutions and laws are social contracts with governments. Taking aside the usual “then unplug your house from the power grid and go shit in a bucket” argument that FK never seems to be able to refute without lame ass”muh roads” jokes, their Robin Hood defense is predicated entirely on faith in their social contract with the State of NH. Again we ask: Why are anti-statists asking the state to protect them when they otherwise disavow the authority of the state?

We believe other more intellectually-endowed people have already answered the question for FK:

Libertarians, hearing such a description, run gagging to the sink. There are no nations, no communities, no families. Only self-seeking individuals exist, and the “common good” is a term invented by fascist oppressors. This is the only answer they have for any social question, from drugs to pornography to fast food. This shopworn and counterintuitive platitude from the Enlightenment is so self-evidently stupid as to require no refutation, though David Hume supplied one in his great essay on “The Original Contract.” Nonetheless, people such as Ayn Rand and the nerds and geeks who cling to her in the naive belief that her rotten novels will turn them into supermen could never understand the fact that human beings are social animals. This is a part of human nature which no libertarian theory can eradicate, and my advice to them is to find another planet where they can all live in solitary caves, where they can snort coke and watch porn videos to their hearts content. Their ideas are irrelevant, not just to present circumstances, but to the human condition.
Thomas Fleming, Chronicles of Culture

Keene Sentinel mentions SFK

Martha Shanahan of the Keene Sentinel wrote a piece about the rousing success (lol) that was Keenevention. Shanahan cited the attendance numbers at about 100-120 but didn’t specify if that included the 40 or so speakers. A figure which would leave the actual attendance at around 60 to 80 suburban liberty commandos. She also painted a picture of a fractured base who can’t decide what is a bigger priority: secession or getting 7/11 to accept Bitcoin for those post-bong hit Big Gulps and Cheetos.

Martha mentioned SFK later in the piece and gave a not entirely accurate portrayal of us. A portrayal she no doubt garnered from her not-quite-objective interviewees.

A Facebook group called Stop Free Keene!!! has now attracted more than 1,300 area residents who protest the libertarians’ activities and post photos and personal information about them.

Cleaveland is one of six people accused in the lawsuit by the city of Keene of harassing and intimidating city parking enforcement officers as they filled the meters with coins. The case reached the Supreme Court in oral arguments last month.

Cleaveland laughed it off in his speech.

“If you’re important enough to have fans, you’re going to have haters,” he said.

SFK doesn’t post anything that FK and its friends haven’t posted themselves. To blame us for further advertising evidence of the indiscretions and questionable behavior they have already made public information is like blaming the Sentinel’s police log for robberies and domestic assaults it reports.

Secondly, no one at SFK gives enough of a damn about James Cleaveland to be his “haters” or whatever juvenile schoolyard term they’re using this week. The players are secondary or irrelevant to SFK’s goal: ending the abusive and hurtful behavior of FK. James is nothing special nor is he worth special attention. He’s just another turd in the unflushed bowl that is the Free Keene.

Ms. Shanahan is free to contact us if she is really interested in what SFK is about and stands for just like any other media outlet or journalist is. Its disappointing that she obviously relied on biased sources rather than taking the time to email us or join the forum.

You can read the full article here.

Garret Ean "Liberty = Lying Through Your Teeth"

Garret Ean recently posted a photo on the Robin Hood of Keene Facebook page of a $15 “donation” check he allegedly received from the much regarded Main St institution “Ye Goodie Shoppe”.


As Garret has shown a tendency to “misremember” facts, SFK took it up on itself to determine the authenticity of the donation. We were not surprised when the proprietor or someone with the authority to cut checks claimed they were not aware of nor did they authorize such a thing.


It begs two questions: How many more of these alleged donations to Robin Hoodlum and his Merry Man-Children are complete bunk? Why does an organization who claims to be beloved by all need to resort to fabricating donations?

Rich Paul Gets Six Months

Rich Paul will be serving a 6 month stint – about 5 counting time credited – at Cheshire House of Corrections.  Sources present at Paul’s VOP trial today indicated that he continually voiced his intent to continue ignoring the conditions of his parole telling the prosecutor  by calling him an addict he “might as well call me a unicorn”. He then stated he was an anarchist as though it had some bearing on his answers. His reasons for avoiding fines were “that he procrastinated and lost the paperwork”.

Paul also defended his combative activities in the square claiming his “going into battle” was defensive in nature. Garret Ean took the stand for questioning about the recorded incident and deftly managed to evade every question asked by the prosecutor pertaining to Paul’s drug use and activities.  When Matt “Yankee” Oldershaw was identified as one of those present Paul made it a point to disassociate him from Free Keene.

Paul appeared tired, worn-out, and stated that he felt as much. His record of felonies span all the way back to the 90’s and it was evident that the middle-ager wasn’t ready to risk a serious sentence and mentioned moving to Colorado when his current one was up. The court agreed with prosecution that continuing his parole conditions was useless and a waste of resources. Paul was remanded to jail for the violation of parole conditions concerning his fines and drug use. He willfully allowed himself to be taken into custody.

The court may not have had the ability to prove Rich’s actions in the square that night were violent or his role in its instigation. However, his commentary on this blog speaks volumes about willingness to use violence and the amount of time he spends thinking about such things.


Court Dates for FK/FSP Members

The following is a list of court dates for Free Keene and Free State Project members. Citizens are encouraged to attend and allow their presence to be a statement against the criminal and antisocial actions of these individuals. These court appearances will be at Keene District Court on Winter St unless otherwise noted.

7/18 10am Garret Ean Parking Ticket

7/24 9am Rich Paul Violation of Parole

7/29 10am Darryl Perry Residency

9/18 10am Ian Freeman ID Fraud

A Response to Rich Paul’s Request for 3 G’s



For those who don’t know, Rich Paul is a thug and unrepentant criminal who is spending some time up at the Cheshire County House of Corrections because he thinks he’s a special anarcho-snowflake who isn’t subject to the laws of the State of NH. Here’s a rebuttal to his four asinine talking points.

1. The “attack” was the result of his or one of his comrades usage of racial slurs, intimidation, and harassment. His finger-pointing and blame-shifting is a callow attempt to sidestep any culpability. As evidenced by the rest of the letter, Rich Paul has revolved his career as a “liberty activism legend” around being a mealy-mouthed dirtbag who dodges responsibility as much as he dodges gainful employment.

Also, I thought it was a “monopod” Rich and Mariah were swinging around like the mighty followers of Crom they are?


2. Rich Paul wants you – the public – to pay his fines for him. The fines he accrued for being a wastrel who diminishes the quality of life in our city. A member of an organization that denounces “parasites” wants strangers to pay his debts? The combined situational irony of this falling from the pen of a cudgel-wielding “peace activist” is almost too much to bear. As much as I hate to give advice to Free Keene, I suggest they cut their losses on a “fighter” like Rich Paul.

3. Paul wasn’t arrested for merely smoking a J. Rich Paul’s previous drug charges were for cultivation, sales, and possession of marijuana as well as the sale of a substance purported to be LSD. Paul states his usage of marijuana is to alleviate depression and get his life back on track. The 40-something former IT professional cum stoner evidently believes plugging parking meters, street fighting, and scribbling his middle school understanding of political economy on sidewalks are the keys to self-actualization.

4. Rich’s fourth point in a nutshell:

Free Keene’s Monopod Misnomer

Free Keene expended a lot of energy spinning a false arrest narrative for Rich Paul’s laundry list of bail violations. They chose to focus most of their efforts on spreading uncertainty about Rich’s possession of a police-style baton. The party line was that Rich was in fact brandishing a video camera monopod as a weapon (as if that makes his violence excusable?) and the charge of possessing the club was a devious plot concocted by the State to cage a “peaceful activist”.




Anyone who hadn’t been toking the community bong at the KAC knew the story was phony and FK was just whitewashing their moral failings like usual. But there was never much proof aside some shaky video and eyewitnesses that didn’t not get involved for fear of Free Keene’s reputation of launching hate campaigns against critics. It was going to be a matter of hearsay and rumor until someone came forward with the truth.

Who’d of thought it would be Rich Paul?