SFK Announces New IndieGoGo Campaign for Rich Paul

In this day and age there is one travesty that we cannot overlook: a man’s right to a clean shirt being forsaken. Since Rich Paul has taken over the KAC as it’s resident clerical ape-man in Chiefwe feel Friar Schmuck here should enter into his office with a shirt that doesn’t sport month-old mustard stains and the stench of cigarette smoke and open ass.

We’re not going to say what we think this stain is.

Others have commented that Rich’s hygiene habits leave much to be desired and this does raise questions if our efforts are in vain. We’d hate for our brand new shirt to end up in a pile with the other detritus of a life poor lived. Nevertheless, we have started this donation campaign to buy Rich a new shirt and perhaps a book on the joys of bathing. Click here to drop a few pence into our jar for Rich’s sake!

The KAC is No More, But Don’t Celebrate Yet

Put away the party favors and booze: Ian and his dumbass friends aren’t leaving town. Neither has Free Keene gone the way of most other cults of personality as evidenced by the lack of national news reps asking locals what it was like living next to a narcissistic dick (read: it sucks). The demise of the KAC is another case of Bernard playing favorites with his pet gorilla Rich Paul.


This lends itself to the increasing confusion about the legal status of Bernard’s home. He has professed that he doesn’t own the home. He has professed it to be a parsonage owned by his Shite Fraud Church LLC or whatever the hell he’s calling his transparent tax dodge this week. He claimed the KAC was a separate entity though it was attached to the same building. He charged people money for the privilege of hanging out with assholes whose IQ barely exceeds their shoe size like Johnson Rice and the other assorted shitheels who have graced this site. Now it’s the “SLAP” (a fitting name given that it’s what most of us in Keene would like to do to these clowns) and run by Rich Paul, the first Neanderthal to ever don a clerical collar.

Can’t keep your stories straight, Ian, or are you just as confused as we are about what you’re trying to accomplish with these shenanigans?

More Johnson Rice Fun From Our Secret Friends

Johnson Rice sure is thin-skinned for a man who spends most of his waking hours shrilly identifying First World Problems as evidence of a global police state. You’d think a revolutionary keyboard warrior forged in the hellfire of white suburbia would make him a shrewd and unflappable force to be reckoned with. Instead, he had a little hissy fit and threatened to unfriend people who associated with “scum” like us. You know, valued and productive members of our community who don’t get called “a-holes for liberty” on national television.

Sorry your brother died, Johnson. You’re still a tedious asshole.

Rich Paul, the Perma-stoned Putz of Libertopia, managed to make himself look less credible with his hilarious suggestion that we’re part of a Psy Ops program. We’ll admit it: the spooks are paying us off. The give us cash and allow us to take the UFOs out for joy rides in exchange for providing information on smug and preachy suburban guerrillas and the violent middle-aged burnout they worship as an icon of “peaceful evolution”. Lol, idiot.


When a friend of his admitted to giving us info to further distance the Free State Project from Free Keene and Co – something that happens often – he wiped his tears of buttpain and went on the offensive calling us “scum” and suggesting vandalism and public drug usage is a virtuous act. He also seems to have us confused with Rich Paul with that whole “violent thugs” part but even Rich seems to have conveniently forgotten that he’s threatened people with physical harm. Especially when he’s trying to pin the fountain incident on SFK and not the useless clods he attempted to “hold the square” with or the anti-Semitic thug and vandal “Yankee” who grabbed a woman’s wrist while attempting to stop her from erasing her name from vandalized property.


Hundreds of cars? LOL. More like five or six if Garret can bother to crawl out of the van before one.

Rich Paul Gets Six Months

Rich Paul will be serving a 6 month stint – about 5 counting time credited – at Cheshire House of Corrections.  Sources present at Paul’s VOP trial today indicated that he continually voiced his intent to continue ignoring the conditions of his parole telling the prosecutor  by calling him an addict he “might as well call me a unicorn”. He then stated he was an anarchist as though it had some bearing on his answers. His reasons for avoiding fines were “that he procrastinated and lost the paperwork”.

Paul also defended his combative activities in the square claiming his “going into battle” was defensive in nature. Garret Ean took the stand for questioning about the recorded incident and deftly managed to evade every question asked by the prosecutor pertaining to Paul’s drug use and activities.  When Matt “Yankee” Oldershaw was identified as one of those present Paul made it a point to disassociate him from Free Keene.

Paul appeared tired, worn-out, and stated that he felt as much. His record of felonies span all the way back to the 90’s and it was evident that the middle-ager wasn’t ready to risk a serious sentence and mentioned moving to Colorado when his current one was up. The court agreed with prosecution that continuing his parole conditions was useless and a waste of resources. Paul was remanded to jail for the violation of parole conditions concerning his fines and drug use. He willfully allowed himself to be taken into custody.

The court may not have had the ability to prove Rich’s actions in the square that night were violent or his role in its instigation. However, his commentary on this blog speaks volumes about willingness to use violence and the amount of time he spends thinking about such things.


Court Dates for FK/FSP Members

The following is a list of court dates for Free Keene and Free State Project members. Citizens are encouraged to attend and allow their presence to be a statement against the criminal and antisocial actions of these individuals. These court appearances will be at Keene District Court on Winter St unless otherwise noted.

7/18 10am Garret Ean Parking Ticket

7/24 9am Rich Paul Violation of Parole

7/29 10am Darryl Perry Residency

9/18 10am Ian Freeman ID Fraud

Rich Paul Calls for Armed Insurgency

Rich “Monopod” Paul jumped on Facebook to implore the rest of liberturdian brain-trust to send money or warm bodies for the Free Keene BS machine. This is nothing out of the ordinary for a mooching scumbag like Paul. But what caught the attention of a SFK member was his plan to arm Free Keene against us and the other local “crazies” who think he’s a prime candidate for the Missing Link.



Some notes on Paul’s comments:

You’re not winning hearts and minds. I’d say a good 3/4ths of the city would love to see Free Keene pack-up their clown car and ride off into the sunset. They don’t say anything because they a) have better things to do than argue with man-children or b) are afraid of having their name, phone number, home address, and place of employment, etc. plastered up on the Free Keene blog for the pleasure of disturbed sycophants like Dave Crawford.

The hostility doesn’t stem from FK being non-native Keene residents. I’m from Concord. Others are from the areas around Keene. Some of us are from Mass. The xenophobia argument is a strawman and a ridiculous one at that. People don’t like Free Keene because they’re a pack of mealy-mouthed clods who think bongs and Bitcoins give them the moral high-ground.

I get what FK is about. It’s a hideously contrived excuse for the sort of ruthless self-absorption that’s only excusable if you’re two. It’s isn’t about peace or liberty. FK’s interest in either is about as strong as Chris Cantwell’s interest in Marxist feminist dialectic.

Rich is the last person who should call someone dumb. He blatantly violated his bail conditions and then later advertised his intent to continue ignoring them. This does not make him a principled activist. It makes him a simpleton.

Most if not all of the national media attention is from news agencies and reporters initially reaching out to us. They know FK are full of it and they’ve told us much. Half of them don’t even want to talk to FK. They don’t dig any deeper because their editors want easy fluff pieces about boneheads with rolls of nickels rather than investigative reports about a pedophile-apologist and his cult of personality cum tax scam.

We do have financial backing: a job. Everything has been paid for out of pocket by SFK members with the money they earned through honest employment. I would recommend Rich try it but his criminal record and overriding interest in being a dirtbag of ill-repute makes him nigh unemployable.

Does anyone else find it odd that a “peace” activist is campaigning/fund-raising for an armed insurgency in our city?

A Response to Rich Paul’s Request for 3 G’s



For those who don’t know, Rich Paul is a thug and unrepentant criminal who is spending some time up at the Cheshire County House of Corrections because he thinks he’s a special anarcho-snowflake who isn’t subject to the laws of the State of NH. Here’s a rebuttal to his four asinine talking points.

1. The “attack” was the result of his or one of his comrades usage of racial slurs, intimidation, and harassment. His finger-pointing and blame-shifting is a callow attempt to sidestep any culpability. As evidenced by the rest of the letter, Rich Paul has revolved his career as a “liberty activism legend” around being a mealy-mouthed dirtbag who dodges responsibility as much as he dodges gainful employment.

Also, I thought it was a “monopod” Rich and Mariah were swinging around like the mighty followers of Crom they are?


2. Rich Paul wants you – the public – to pay his fines for him. The fines he accrued for being a wastrel who diminishes the quality of life in our city. A member of an organization that denounces “parasites” wants strangers to pay his debts? The combined situational irony of this falling from the pen of a cudgel-wielding “peace activist” is almost too much to bear. As much as I hate to give advice to Free Keene, I suggest they cut their losses on a “fighter” like Rich Paul.

3. Paul wasn’t arrested for merely smoking a J. Rich Paul’s previous drug charges were for cultivation, sales, and possession of marijuana as well as the sale of a substance purported to be LSD. Paul states his usage of marijuana is to alleviate depression and get his life back on track. The 40-something former IT professional cum stoner evidently believes plugging parking meters, street fighting, and scribbling his middle school understanding of political economy on sidewalks are the keys to self-actualization.

4. Rich’s fourth point in a nutshell: