Free Keene Raided by Feds; Child Porn Cited as Reason

Federal officials as well as local and state law enforcement raided the home of Ian Bernard today. News sources say the nature of the raid was to search for materials related to the sexual exploitation of children. Bernard is no stranger to accusations of pedophilia as he has repeatedly stated his belief that children can and should be able to consent to sexual activity with adults.


Bernard and his cohorts made these opinions known when Free State Project member and noted local buffoon Kyle Tasker was arrested for drug trafficking and attempting to lure a 14 year old into a sexual encounter. Ian was quick to jump to Tasker’s defense and brought up his sexual assault as an 11-year-old while Rich “Dr. Zeus” Paul made his dalliance with an older women at 13 as something to be proud of. An ill-conceived act which promptly got his sorry ass ejected from the Free State Project and banned from attending any FSP-hosted events including PorcFest. Apparently two pedophilia enthusiasts in their organization is too much.

So, Commandant. How does it feel to have it all come crumbling down around you?

Man, it’s good to be back.

SFK Announces New IndieGoGo Campaign for Rich Paul

In this day and age there is one travesty that we cannot overlook: a man’s right to a clean shirt being forsaken. Since Rich Paul has taken over the KAC as it’s resident clerical ape-man in Chiefwe feel Friar Schmuck here should enter into his office with a shirt that doesn’t sport month-old mustard stains and the stench of cigarette smoke and open ass.

We’re not going to say what we think this stain is.

Others have commented that Rich’s hygiene habits leave much to be desired and this does raise questions if our efforts are in vain. We’d hate for our brand new shirt to end up in a pile with the other detritus of a life poor lived. Nevertheless, we have started this donation campaign to buy Rich a new shirt and perhaps a book on the joys of bathing. Click here to drop a few pence into our jar for Rich’s sake!

FSP Respond with “Dead or Alive Defense” to CMT Documentary

The Free State Project continued its stunning lack of integrity by trying to put a happy face on another damaging portrayal by the media. Last Saturday’s airing of Freedom: The Movie made no bones about showing Bill Wayne’s confusion and amusement when encountering the Free State Projects “colorful” cast of ideologues and crackpots. FSP President Carla Gericke’s reprimanding of government for not allowing free access to tainted food or carcinogenic substances was as funny as Wayne’s mockery of every other pasty nerd in the movement touting “Freeman” as a surname. They did what the FSP does best when confronted with criticism of any variety: they spin the shit out of it.

fspspinThey took their latest public spanking and turned it into advertisement fodder for New Hampshire’s biggest national news embarrassment since Plainfield tax protesting kooks Ed and Elaine Brown decided they didn’t want to play with the Jewish NWO lizard people anymore. Stay classy, FSP! It makes our work that much easier.

Ian Bernard’s Smear Campaign Shows FK’s True Colors

Free Keene’s latest blog post about Jennifer Schmidt, wife of Boston Strong, doesn’t tell the real story. In fact, there wouldn’t even be a story had Ian not taken a personal matter and made it public knowledge while attempting to silence two of his most vocal critics. Unfortunately, Ian’s misplaced faith in his own intellect has once again been his undoing. The vindictive shit couldn’t have been anymore transparent in his efforts to seek petty vengeance.

On Dec. 8 of 2014, Ian posted a blog about the Schmidt’s ongoing dispute with Anne Tallon, legal guardian of a child who has bullied their daughter. Tallon petitioned for a order of protection against Jennifer predicated on a series of events where the boy alleges Jennifer intimidated and/or threatened him with death. While the court docket is public knowledge it’s no small leap of logic to presume Ian went hunting for some mud to sling at the Schmidts. Especially when the crux of his blog post and the subsequent smear campaign was one of the many wild and unsubstantiated allegations made by Tallon’s child: that Jenn approached him with a knife and threatened to kill him. Tallon herself noted the fallacious nature of his post:

Portions are redacted to protect the identity of minors.

Purposefully misrepresenting the nature of the dispute and exploitng an emotionally-disturbed child was just the beginning. Ian posted the phone number of Jenn’s business which lead to her receiving harassing calls from FK fanboys and other pieces of human wreckage with one intellectual titan mockingly ordering a bouquet with the message “Do what I say or I’ll cut you, you little shit”. Ian also approached Tallon at her home seeking comments for the blog he was about to publish. As noted in her affidavit above, Tallon was not thrilled that Ian was attempting to exploit her and her child in his terror campaign against the Schmidts.

ianarticle2 Odd behavior for someone who despises “busybodys”.

On Dec. 9 Ian contacts WMUR about the story. Both Schmidt and the Tallon decline to comment. Tallon notes this in her affidavit and that the Dec. 9 segment included images of her neighborhood and her ward’s school. The segment has a negative impact on the child as he starts receiving questions and blame for the incident at the school from other students. The school is later forced to issue a letter to parent’s assuring them that their students are safe from the media circus.

Renee, Queen Shit of Turd Island, is seen here doing her part to spread her King’s misinformation.

renee1 Due to Ian’s meddling, the plaintiff motioned to amend her petition on Dec. 24 to include Ian’s malevolent behavior as evidence of endangerment .

amendmenttalloIan took it a step further. On Dec. 11, Dave “Creepy” Crawford and Rich “Soap-Dodger” Paul approached the Schmidt’s home after Boston beeped his horn as he passed the Keene Activist Center. Paul reportedly blocked Boston from exiting his vehicle and asked him “How is your psycho wife doing?”. Crawford stood on the sidelines and recorded the interaction while muttering to himself. He was later caught video recording the Schmidt’s home from his van which resembles something driven by the villain of an after school special.

Ian reports a differing account of the incident on Dec. 12 where he misconstrued Boston’s statement as an endorsement of terrorizing children and not a promise to make Free Keene as miserable as they make this city. Boston is later taken to court for his drive-by criticism by bogus Navy SEAL and Free Keene sycophant Matthew Philips aka “JP Centurion” presumably at the encouragement of Bernard. Boston is ordered to limit his critique to daylight hours as long Philips lives on Leverett St. Philips quickly disappears from Leverett St shortly after his much touted SEAL experience is proven to be complete bullshit.

Bernard further escalates his terror campaign on Dec 12. when he publishes a press release with his skewed version of events including links to Boston’s employer’s website. As the past has shown, this was likely done to recruit a harassment brigade to blast them with antagonistic phone calls. In telling show of arrogance he claim to have “broke the story” on Free Keene.

In summation: Ian Bernard turned a personal matter between two adults into a public spectacle to humiliate and silence his critics. He violated their privacy and jeopardized the safety of their children and encouraged his associates and admirers to harass and intimidate the Schmidts. He peddled misquotations to spread innuendo and vicious rumors about people who had the audacity to wound his ego. He published the Schmidt’s home and business contact information knowing that it could lead to harassment and intimidation. He allowed chalk-wielding simpletons like Rich Paul, Manic Kitt, and/or Garret Ean to draw disgusting caricatures of Jenn in Central Square without censure.

961714_10155321640925573_1084232633_n 11080146_10155321641065573_91349792_nIan Bernard is a pathetic narcissistic whose only grand achievement thus far is turning an entire city against him. His actions and those of his trained apes not only stand as testament to Free Keene’s lack of integrity but also the lengths both will go to silence critics. A popular phrase among the milieu of dumbass slogans FK uses is “good ideas don’t require force”. Ian and FK obviously have no faith in this sentiment as they believe the goals of liberty must be met with intimidation and smear campaigns.

Does the liberty community condone this behavior? Will his peers ever hold him accountable for this behavior? Are headlines garnered by terrible people doing terrible things more important to the liberty movement than actually living up to their alleged belief in non-agression?

Keene Sentinel Spotlights New FSP Movers; Arrivals Disagree with FK’s “Activism”

Today’s Sentinel ran a piece on some FSP newcomers to the area and it did a great job highlighting the difference between Free Keene and the wider liberty community. FSP transplants Nolan Mann and natives like Andrew Wiegand offer a stark contrast to the vanity of narcissist Ian Bernard and the dittoheads he surrounds himself with.

He spends much of his time at work as a paraprofessional and little time doing activism. He prefers to support the movement by supporting the work of fellow movers, he said.

While Mann thinks activism like “Robin Hooding” is beneficial, Mann doesn’t like the aggressive tactics of some Robin Hooding people that landed them on the Colbert Report and in the N.H. Supreme Court.

“I enjoy the activism — I’ve done it, and I’m happy to support it in any way I can — but I disagreed with that (approach),” he said.

The article shows that these people have a basic and common sense understanding that’s eluded Ian Bernard and FK for nearly a decade. That being respectful and constructive members of this community leads to a more welcoming and receptive response from that community. It’s doubtful that any of these people – or other members of the liberty community with integrity  – hurl snarl words like “statist” and “hater” and engage in anti-social behavior like lying about their identities or supporting white nationalists.

In the Wake of “Colbert” Fallout, FK Shows it’s True Colors

Bernard/Freeman turned the FK spin machine up to 11 today by linking Christopher “the Enforcer” Cantwell’s phony SFK site and implying it was this one. SFK member Josh Erickson made the mistake of calling Ian out on his dishonesty and received insults, sexually demeaning comments about his partner, and an invitation to a fist-fight by Cantwell for his efforts. The screenshots below do contain language referring to sexual assault and rape. Consider this your trigger warning if you are sensitive to such topics. Furthermore, SFK does not condone Erickson’s use of foul language but also understands his frustration with Bernard and FK’s constant reliance on lies of omission and misrepresentation to distort the truth.

There has always been a sizable part of the liberty community unhappy with FK’s representation of their philosophy. Its plain to see this contingent of critics increased in number after the Colbert segment skewered them for being self-righteous rebels without a clue. Ian addressed their concerns in typical fashion – downplay, deny, or distort – after the arch-misogynist Cantwell posted an image of a female SFK member with a sexually demeaning description that calls her a heroin addict. That Ian only addressed the heroin accusation and not the sexualized hate is telling of his character and more evidence of his blatant lack of respect for those who dare critique him.

Screenshot from 2014-11-22 22:08:56

That was a small part of the multi-commment sexist tirade against the SFK member who obviously hit some sore spots. Namely Cantwell’s admitted substance abuse and misogynistic tendencies. Earlier in the thread Cantwell unleashed a stream of vileness at her demonstrating the depths of his sexualized anger towards women.

1509118_566665273223_2914558061228727781_n 10388213_566665323123_8575115056144683311_n

Cantwell does indeed base his self-worth and income off of his Youtube/website traffic. A venture that has left him destitute, nearly homeless, and begging for donations and items from his Amazon wishlist which reads like Michael Vanderboegh’s shopping list. Here he waving his website traffic in front of Erickson and then making a not-so-subtle invitation to a violent confrontation.

 Screenshot from 2014-11-22 19:06:28

Stay tuned as these intellectual giants will surely spew more dishonesty and vitriol as the Free Keene edifice continues to burn.

5 Tips for A Man-Child

it’s amazing some of the hoops you folks will jump through to justify theft, murder, and slavery.

So says the lolbertarian crank known as Chris Cantwell. In his latest bloviating piece about “Anti-Liberty bloggers” (read: anyone with a blog who doesn’t kiss his ass) he tries to convince the reader that making fun of deluded clods like him and his buddy Ian Bernard is really bad, mmmkay? Because 30-something guys who think Timothy McVeigh is cool and questionable relationships with girls half their age is OK are inherently smarter than you. You know, you idiots who believe law, order, and indoor plumbing are kind of awesome.

Chris is influenced by the works of Ayn Rand. This shows most heavily in his need to excrete screeds of text that can be consider less “rational argument” and more “stunted adolescent tirade”. But what do you expect from a guy who believes Atlast Shrugged is more than just Dianetics for ineffectual nerds with a chip on their shoulder? We understand our readers’ time is precious so to demonstrate that brevity is the soul of wit here is 5 tips for Cantwell.

1. Stop Being a Try-Hard Asshole. No One is Impressed.

Yeah, we get it. Big tough guy from Long Island who don’t take no shit from nobody, capiche? Thing is, Chris, you’re so full of it that you don’t require anymore donations. You made great hosannas about how you were coming to Keene to “keep it real” and now your skipping town again with your tail between your legs and making the ‘Brutalist House” mobile with that haggard old RV that probably reeks of piss and dead possum.

Your bravado evaporates the minute you’re confronted by someone who doesn’t find your penile-compensation device or cameras the least bit frightening. You evidently believe calling women “whores” and “cunts” makes you look provocative and edgy when it just makes look like a misogynistic jackass. Same goes for your casual homophobia and dropping the word “faggot” like its your last name.

However, watching you turtle up when “confronting” Boston Strong and only finally getting tough when the cops show up was the perfect example of what you are: all mouth and no balls.

2. Get a Job. A Real Job.

Confirming the biases of sexless and angry basement-dwellers is not a job as evidenced by the fact that you are “desperate for money”. Put your supposed IT experience to use and do something more productive than being the go-to guy if someone wants a Minecraft server for their Bitcoin club.

3. Your Site Doesn’t Matter. Stop Pretending It Does.

The people who take you and your site seriously are the same people who tend to believe a shadowy cabal of lizard-people are controlling world governments. The kind of people like Tim McVeigh who inevitable blow up buildings or gun down cops in some utterly lunatic homage to “liberty”. Well-adjusted people only visit your ravings when they need an example of the kind of trash the Free State Project attracts and welcomes into their fold.

We don’t care about the Alexa rating of our site nor it’s profit potential. It only has one purpose: being a thorn in the side of people like you and the rest of the “liberty” crowd. Besides, your broke ass is the last we’d go to for advice on monetizing. However, we do agree that DoNotLink is not going to work for us in the long run. Now we’re using in order to deny you what little ad revenue a ranting nobody from the fringe of fedora politics can generate.

4. Yes. We’re Haters, Chris. Here’s Our Favorite Flavor of Haterade:


5. An Angry White Dudebro Peddling Libertarianism? Alert the Nobel Committee!

Clowns like you are a dime a dozen. You can spit into a Brony convention and hit about three self-described geniuses who believe the gold standard and isolationism isn’t laughably archaic. It can be assured that they are also in the same boat as you: broke, forever alone, and on their way to living in a shitty RV down by the river.

You’re not a genius, Chris. Your writing – while well constructed – is vapid and replaces substance with length. Your politics are based on tidy little axioms like “force is bad” or “liberty is good”. You dismiss opponents by suggesting they’re inhuman monsters who condone theft, murder, and slavery for disagreeing. This isn’t brilliance or even well-reasoned argumentation. It’s intellectually laziness for people who need to feel and appear smarter than others but don’t actually want to do things that might give them brainy-hurt like thinking critically.

In conclusion, it was wasn’t nice having you around and we sincerely hope we never again have to endure the stench of your toxic presence. Lighthouses rule. You suck, Brutalism is for tools, and your mother dresses you funny. If you disagree, then you like torching orphanages and eating kittens.You smell like onions and feet. Seahorses. Forever.

See? We can be Cantwell-smart, too.