Satirical Twitter Accounts Taking the Mick Out of Creepertarians

A satirical Twitter account calling itself “Not Porcfest” has appeared in the wake of Free Keene’s kiddie porn implosion and it’s dropping the kind of brutal one-liners that almost compels one to mail Bernard a care package with some Preparation H and a burn kit. Here are a few favorites so far with a self-evident warning that these are extremely NSFW.

A second account calling itself “Ian Freeman Googling” is parody account posing as an aggregator of Ian Bernard’s recent Google searches. As stated above, these tweets are extremely NSFW. But oh so hilarious!


Free Keene Raided by Feds; Child Porn Cited as Reason

Federal officials as well as local and state law enforcement raided the home of Ian Bernard today. News sources say the nature of the raid was to search for materials related to the sexual exploitation of children. Bernard is no stranger to accusations of pedophilia as he has repeatedly stated his belief that children can and should be able to consent to sexual activity with adults.


Bernard and his cohorts made these opinions known when Free State Project member and noted local buffoon Kyle Tasker was arrested for drug trafficking and attempting to lure a 14 year old into a sexual encounter. Ian was quick to jump to Tasker’s defense and brought up his sexual assault as an 11-year-old while Rich “Dr. Zeus” Paul made his dalliance with an older women at 13 as something to be proud of. An ill-conceived act which promptly got his sorry ass ejected from the Free State Project and banned from attending any FSP-hosted events including PorcFest. Apparently two pedophilia enthusiasts in their organization is too much.

So, Commandant. How does it feel to have it all come crumbling down around you?

Man, it’s good to be back.

FSP Respond with “Dead or Alive Defense” to CMT Documentary

The Free State Project continued its stunning lack of integrity by trying to put a happy face on another damaging portrayal by the media. Last Saturday’s airing of Freedom: The Movie made no bones about showing Bill Wayne’s confusion and amusement when encountering the Free State Projects “colorful” cast of ideologues and crackpots. FSP President Carla Gericke’s reprimanding of government for not allowing free access to tainted food or carcinogenic substances was as funny as Wayne’s mockery of every other pasty nerd in the movement touting “Freeman” as a surname. They did what the FSP does best when confronted with criticism of any variety: they spin the shit out of it.

fspspinThey took their latest public spanking and turned it into advertisement fodder for New Hampshire’s biggest national news embarrassment since Plainfield tax protesting kooks Ed and Elaine Brown decided they didn’t want to play with the Jewish NWO lizard people anymore. Stay classy, FSP! It makes our work that much easier.

SFK to Appear on CMT Documentary “Freedom: The Movie”

Joshua Erickson represented SFK in the documentary feature that will air this Saturday on CMT. The documentary follows stand-up comedian Billy Wayne Davis as he travels the country asking it’s people what their definition of freedom is. NH has become a hotbed of libertarian activity so it was a given that Billy and his crew made Keene a stop on his tour. He interviewed Commandant Bernard and whichever unwashed cult member was hanging out on the KAC porch that day about the Robin Hooding debacle.

shotErickson gave counterpoint to Ian’s whitewashing of his domestic terror campaign and did so happily by informing the production of FK’s alarming beliefs about child sexuality, disregard for basic civility, and a greatest hits medley of asinine bullshit they’ve said and done to the people of this city. Erickson is hoping his “saltiest” comments – which Davis and his crew seemed to enjoy the most – made it into the feature.

You can view the trailer here. The movie airs on CMT this Saturday, July 11th at 9pm.

Keene Sentinel Spotlights New FSP Movers; Arrivals Disagree with FK’s “Activism”

Today’s Sentinel ran a piece on some FSP newcomers to the area and it did a great job highlighting the difference between Free Keene and the wider liberty community. FSP transplants Nolan Mann and natives like Andrew Wiegand offer a stark contrast to the vanity of narcissist Ian Bernard and the dittoheads he surrounds himself with.

He spends much of his time at work as a paraprofessional and little time doing activism. He prefers to support the movement by supporting the work of fellow movers, he said.

While Mann thinks activism like “Robin Hooding” is beneficial, Mann doesn’t like the aggressive tactics of some Robin Hooding people that landed them on the Colbert Report and in the N.H. Supreme Court.

“I enjoy the activism — I’ve done it, and I’m happy to support it in any way I can — but I disagreed with that (approach),” he said.

The article shows that these people have a basic and common sense understanding that’s eluded Ian Bernard and FK for nearly a decade. That being respectful and constructive members of this community leads to a more welcoming and receptive response from that community. It’s doubtful that any of these people – or other members of the liberty community with integrity  – hurl snarl words like “statist” and “hater” and engage in anti-social behavior like lying about their identities or supporting white nationalists.

A Statistical Analysis of Free Talk Live’s Content

12/21/2014’s episode of Free Talk Live had the FK brain trust* trying to further the BS narrative of SFK being violent and overall big meanie-heads. The on-staff penis-scribbler and self-certified intellectual, Johnson Rice, claimed he did some “statistical analysis” that showed only 100 of SFK’s FB group members were not forcibly added by us. Since Johnson didn’t show his work (the word makes FK members feel icky) one can assume he pulled the calculations from the same place his head resides.

SFK decided to gather our bean counters and do some analysis of our own. We started by violating the Geneva Conventions by making a few members sit through months of FTL archive material to gather the data we needed. After paying their therapy bills – and parsing the numbers from the horrid screeds of minds deranged by 42 hours of Ian Bernard’s voice – we came up with the results below.

Venngage   Pie Chart

*The brain-trust includes people who associate with FK and it’s related organizations and projects. Don’t sue us bro!

Self-Proclaimed Smarty, Johnson Rice, Succumbing to Paranoia

An infamous penis-dauber, the aptly named Johnson Rice is demonstrating some out-of-character behavior. Rice is known in SFK circles for a tediousness that rivals Garret Ean’s and an inflated sense of self unfitting for such an unfortunate-looking man. On 11/12/14, Rice made some comments on his Facebook page – in that characteristic Rice fashion – expressing his paranoia that SFK is watching him and/or exposing his dirty laundry.

At least he’s honest enough to link the real site.

Of course, he is correct. We are watching him and every other smug idiot who shacks up with Ian’s gang of fools. It’s what makes this last comment from 11/30/2014 so funny and so telling of his arrogance.


SFK doesn’t need to investigate you, Johnson. In fact, most of SFK already has you and your fellow low-watt bulbs blocked or ignored. “Friends” of FK regularly deliver us information about what is said and what is done. Former allies whom Ian has alienated or screwed over have been more than willing to speak to us, too. You’d think someone who supposedly hangs around with “genius-level IQs” would be able to piece together something that obvious.johnsonrice4