Free Keene: 0 | POTUS Candidates: 2

In a repeat showing of hubris, King Shit of Turd Island himself – Ian Bernard –  tried the old-fashioned ambush interview on libertarian-leaning Republican candidate Rand Paul during a campaign stop at Lindy’s Diner. Lindy’s is a popular spot for stumping politicians to glad-hand locals with the most recent being from Hilary Clinton. Bernard’s attempt to insert himself into the scene met with a brush-off and the consternation/mocking of his peers. Why the FSP hasn’t jettisoned such an arrogant and poisonous shithead is beyond the scope of this blog but you can still enjoy a bit of schadenfreude via the screenshots below!

randpaul1 randpaul2 randpaul4 randpaul3 randpaul5

Cop Block Scumbag Matt Phillips Blames SFK For His Terrible Parenting

Cop Block’s favorite parking lot commando pedaled his Huffy over to the 8th Circuit Court on the 25th to contest custody of his children with a former partner. SFK makes it a point to appear at all FK-related court hearings and had a few members show up to sit in and take note of any information relevant to our activities. Matt was not happy about this and judging from today’s Keene Cop Block missive he blames SFK for his lackluster court performance:

jploonytoonSome Protips, Matt:

1. If you’re going to pose as your live-in girlfriend then try harder to hide the misspellings, grammtical errors, and incorrect use of capitalization that are the trademarks of a JP Centurion shit-post. Especially when you have “her” refer to herself in the third-person while doing all the above, dumbass. This kind of blatant falsehood would be insulting to my intelligence if I didn’t find it so useful an example of the kind of dishonest sacks of shit Ian Bernard rolls with.

2. Your involvement with FK and it’s activities is nothing to brag about and should give the judge reason to bar you from even coming within 500 feet of a child. But that’s none of my business.

3. SFK appears at all FK-related legal proceedings when possible to take notes and make our presence felt. The nature of your case is irrelevant outside of being wholly telling of how much of an unethical dickhead you are.

4. I recommend editing that bit about your exes lawyer working in cahoots with us. I don’t imagine the checks the The Big Bad State cuts you every month can pay for the legal damages rendered by a libel suit. Moron.

A video of Matt’s interaction with various SFK members from the day of his court appearance will be posted in the next few days. In the meantime, here is a picture of J-to the-P of Cop Block doing what he does best: running to the boys in blue when things don’t go his way. Matt actually called the cops and claimed SFK was “harassing him” despite his definition of such an act labeling everything he and Ian Bernard’s shitshow of a group do as the same.


Direct Action Alert: Boycott “101 Deals”!!!


FK members and their associates are parasites. They have spent nearly a decade bleeding the coffers of this city dry with their idiotic stunts and intentional clogging of our courts with asinine trials. Then these entitled children attempted to further dodge civic responsibility by establishing a BS church in order to give their freeloading a patina of legitimacy. As if denouncing “the state” as a parasitic entity while still using the goods and services it renders doesn’t make them sound as brilliant as a blackout.

Free Keene member and Robin Hood founder James Cleaveland quit his accounting gig and decided to gamble on a business venture. He opened a thrift shop/propaganda clearinghouse called “101 Deals” on Rt. 101 heading towards Marlborough selling tat and bilking people out of their pretend money with a Bitcoin ATM. James and his friends have spent the better part of a decade robbing the people of Keene and now expect us to freely open their wallets to buy the crap he’s selling?

Not a chance. Boycott 101 Deals. Boycott it for all the misery they have put this city through. Refuse them patronage for all the harassment and intimidation tactics they have inflicted upon our city employees. Deny them for all the terrible things Ian Bernard has a said and done to people just trying to earn an honest living. Turn your back on them for inviting a violent and disturbed individual like Christopher Cantwell into our community. Reject them for these horrible bigoted comments Derrick J Horton made about disabled people those who care for them and even a potshot at people of faith.
derrickablism derrickablism2

Then stick it in his ableist craw by visiting More Than a Thrift Store on Marlboro St for your thrift fix! All proceeds from sales go to Southwestern Community Services whose New Hope New Horizon initiative assists those with developmental disabilities in achieving a full and enriching life.

“Liberty Activist” Antics Cost Taxpayers More Money

Yesterday masons hired by the City removed the years-old chalked peace symbol from the back of the Civil War monument. Contrary to popular belief, chalk is damaging to porous materials like granite if allowed to sit on the surface for an extended periord of time. Moisture will eventually cause the chalk to seep into the stone and permanently stain it. These stains require specialist tools to be removed and specialist tools require a specialist to use them. Specialists cost money.


The “peace activist” moron who vandalized the monument has cost city taxpayers a few hundred dollars. Which is a taste of bitter irony since FK members and fanboys like to complain about taxes and how evil and wastefully they are spent. Here’s hoping this person’s parents can finally get around to teaching them not to write on walls with his crayons or damage things that don’t belong to them.

Court Dates for FK/FSP Members

The following is a list of court dates for Free Keene and Free State Project members. Citizens are encouraged to attend and allow their presence to be a statement against the criminal and antisocial actions of these individuals. These court appearances will be at Keene District Court on Winter St unless otherwise noted.

7/18 10am Garret Ean Parking Ticket

7/24 9am Rich Paul Violation of Parole

7/29 10am Darryl Perry Residency

9/18 10am Ian Freeman ID Fraud

Keene NH was Free Before the FSP

Free Keene should eat these words:

“If the FSP hopes to succeed it needs to be more than an aggressive libertarian movement. It has to adopt New Hampshire’s cultural and historical legacy, or at least acknowledge and respect it. It has to treat New Hampshire and its people like a true polity, and not just a useful means to an end. If they can do that, perhaps New England will be the cradle of individual liberty once again.” A quote straight from The Heartland Institutes Article “Building a Libertarian Paradise”
The hope from the FSP is that Heartland will fund their ultimate dream, secession of NH from the United States. However, with the childish behavior of Free Keene, they will hold the FSP back from ever progressing to the “Libertarian Paradise” the 1000+ movers dream of.
The citizens of Keene have banded together to make it very clear Free Keene is not welcome due to the aggressive antics pushed on the community. There have been protests, flyers sprees, press releases and numerous online oppositions to their presence.
The negative Free Keene blogger’s activism being practiced is intended to project “Liberty in our Lifetime”. Yet Keene citizens will vouch they were free before the arrival of Free Keene.