Cantwell to FTL “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

B70BwpfCEAAW5KvNo news is good news which is why SFK has been quiet. FK and Bernard haven’t done anything ruthlessly stupid in awhile aside not giving in and finally buying that clown car. If I reported every idiotic notion that fires across the collective two brain-cells occupying the KAC then I wouldn’t have time for more important things like watching paint dry or helping the library figure out how to remove the stench of Rich Paul from it’s premises.

All good things must come to end. Chris “I’m only as good as those around me” Cantwell opened his stupid race-baiting gob on FTL and let everyone know not only how much of a bigoted shitbag he is but also how dumb of a bigoted shitbag he is. You can read his sob story here and the 93 comments from edgy try-hards still holding high school grudges from the pantsing/wedgie of a lifetime.

He even changed the tag-line of his glorified diary a second time with “abolitionist” becoming “realist” and chummed it up with the far-right dingle berries at “The Right Stuff”. A radical traditionalist blog spewing a sort of smug, hipster white nationalism all over the Internet like a busted septic tank. “Realist” is likely shorthand for “racial realist”, a nonscientific theory that relies on discredited notions of biological determinism to purport differences between ethnic groups aside skin pigmentation or susceptibility for rare conditions like sickle-cell anemia. In short, it’s the same old racist garbage for assholes trying to hide their ignorance behind a curtain of academia. Like a twelve year old who thinks wearing a headband will convince schoolyard bullies that he’s a ninja.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Chris’s “libertarianism” has always been a thread-bare cloak hiding what he really is: a bratty man-child whose narcissism finds a natural outlet in the sort of petty reactionary beliefs most people leave behind after 5th grade. What he doesn’t tell you in his 8+ paragraphs of expository bullshitting is that this latest temper tantrum isn’t entirely fueled by FTL’s disinterest in playing host to a racist douchebag. It has more to do with Ian refusing to allow Chris to shack up in his new rental property near Jame’s Cleveland’s 101 Deals in favor of renting it out to GI Schmoe, AKA Matt Phillips. Why? Because Chris is a deadbeat who doesn’t like paying his rent which is the reason he left the “Brutalist House” all those months ago. Don’t let his blathering distract you. He isn’t stoically separating due to ideological difference. This is King Baby taking his ball and going home.