Matt “I’m A Big Fat Phony” Philips Still Rattling His Nerf Saber


Several months ago, SFK exposed Matthew Philips for fraudulently claiming to have served as a Navy Seal.¬†He doggedly pursued SFK member Josh Erickson throughout Boston Strong’s farcical “restraining order” hearing about his falsehoods and whether Erickson could prove it. Ever since SFK proved to be more than capable of demonstrating Matt’s liberal interpretations of truth, he has done nothing but whine and harangue people with his usual armchair lawyer stupidity and make dubious claims of speaking to state officials about SFK. Most of this malarkey is centered around SFK publishing the birth certificate sent to us by a victim of Matt’s dishonesty.


JP Freeman Esq didn’t do his homework before concocting such dribble. Section 5-C: 14 of the State of NH Vital Records Administration makes it clear that Matthew Philips is a moron who should go polish his bald spot and leave the practice of law to grown ups who aren’t shite wannabe rappers¬†that play-act GI Joe. Philips is a coward who uses juvenile threats of lawsuits, ham-fisted attempts at deception, and barking mad spectacles of rage to coerce people into ignoring the glaring inconsistencies and outright lies he tells about himself. A better example of the kind of human wreckage that Ian Bernard and FK attracts does not exist.

Bernard Conveniently Forgets His FK History During Gun Tirade

In a grand display of holiday spirit, FK’s guru made a fool of himself by posting a tantrum on April 1st with his less-than-accurate reporting of a campus lock-down incident. As reported by Josh Erickson, SFK’s Minister of Statism and Making Graham Colson Cry:

Once again, Ian embellishes the truth in order to make himself look like a lolbertarian Batman. The Free Stooges and their guru didn’t have an issue until one of their own tried to leave. When he returned to their table and told them the situation they all suddenly had an interest in leaving. The morons would not be denied their chance to stir the pot.

Their idiotic little stunt put the safety of the students, staff, and myself at risk. I’m willing to bet he would have tried to sue someone if that neo-nazi idiot actually shot him or one of the walking punch-lines he hangs out with. He never had an interest in eating at the DC until he found out Andrea and I work there. Now he rolls in every Wednesday with a revolving cast of Merry Morons and pretends he is intimidating instead of a crackpot who is a few cards short of a full deck.

More interesting is Ian’s glossing over of a former FK bloggers responsibility for shooting down the campus gun debate before it left the runway. Bradley Jardis was FK’s golden boy for brief period in 2010 due to his leaving his job as a police officer after allegedly receiving backlash from stating he wouldn’t enforce certain drug laws. In typical lolbertarian fashion, his consistent performance issues and constant bickering with his superiors (which resulted in a suspension) were pushed aside in favor of a deceitful narrative of persecution.

Jardis and Mozingo at PSU, Dec 2011

Brad Jardis published a Dec 5 press release on announcing his intention to appear on Plymouth State Universities campus on Dec 9, 2011 with Tom Mozingo brandishing loaded firearms. His intent was to challenge the firearm ban on college campuses but the result was Mozingo and Jardis receiving a restraining order from the University System of NH and torpedoing any chance for a serious discussion about their positions. Fellow liberty activists where not impressed and ultimately the courts found their legal arguments wanting. Jardis accomplished nothing but making it harder for the liberty community to be taken seriously.

It’s obvious where Jardis got his inspiration in formulating such an asinine and ruinous exercise in grandstanding. Ian should look in the mirror if he wants to blame anyone for the current legal status of firearms on NH’s campuses.