Ian Bernard’s Smear Campaign Shows FK’s True Colors

Free Keene’s latest blog post about Jennifer Schmidt, wife of Boston Strong, doesn’t tell the real story. In fact, there wouldn’t even be a story had Ian not taken a personal matter and made it public knowledge while attempting to silence two of his most vocal critics. Unfortunately, Ian’s misplaced faith in his own intellect has once again been his undoing. The vindictive shit couldn’t have been anymore transparent in his efforts to seek petty vengeance.

On Dec. 8 of 2014, Ian posted a blog about the Schmidt’s ongoing dispute with Anne Tallon, legal guardian of a child who has bullied their daughter. Tallon petitioned for a order of protection against Jennifer predicated on a series of events where the boy alleges Jennifer intimidated and/or threatened him with death. While the court docket is public knowledge it’s no small leap of logic to presume Ian went hunting for some mud to sling at the Schmidts. Especially when the crux of his blog post and the subsequent smear campaign was one of the many wild and unsubstantiated allegations made by Tallon’s child: that Jenn approached him with a knife and threatened to kill him. Tallon herself noted the fallacious nature of his post:

Portions are redacted to protect the identity of minors.

Purposefully misrepresenting the nature of the dispute and exploitng an emotionally-disturbed child was just the beginning. Ian posted the phone number of Jenn’s business which lead to her receiving harassing calls from FK fanboys and other pieces of human wreckage with one intellectual titan mockingly ordering a bouquet with the message “Do what I say or I’ll cut you, you little shit”. Ian also approached Tallon at her home seeking comments for the blog he was about to publish. As noted in her affidavit above, Tallon was not thrilled that Ian was attempting to exploit her and her child in his terror campaign against the Schmidts.

ianarticle2 Odd behavior for someone who despises “busybodys”.

On Dec. 9 Ian contacts WMUR about the story. Both Schmidt and the Tallon decline to comment. Tallon notes this in her affidavit and that the Dec. 9 segment included images of her neighborhood and her ward’s school. The segment has a negative impact on the child as he starts receiving questions and blame for the incident at the school from other students. The school is later forced to issue a letter to parent’s assuring them that their students are safe from the media circus.

Renee, Queen Shit of Turd Island, is seen here doing her part to spread her King’s misinformation.

renee1 Due to Ian’s meddling, the plaintiff motioned to amend her petition on Dec. 24 to include Ian’s malevolent behavior as evidence of endangerment .

amendmenttalloIan took it a step further. On Dec. 11, Dave “Creepy” Crawford and Rich “Soap-Dodger” Paul approached the Schmidt’s home after Boston beeped his horn as he passed the Keene Activist Center. Paul reportedly blocked Boston from exiting his vehicle and asked him “How is your psycho wife doing?”. Crawford stood on the sidelines and recorded the interaction while muttering to himself. He was later caught video recording the Schmidt’s home from his van which resembles something driven by the villain of an after school special.

Ian reports a differing account of the incident on Dec. 12 where he misconstrued Boston’s statement as an endorsement of terrorizing children and not a promise to make Free Keene as miserable as they make this city. Boston is later taken to court for his drive-by criticism by bogus Navy SEAL and Free Keene sycophant Matthew Philips aka “JP Centurion” presumably at the encouragement of Bernard. Boston is ordered to limit his critique to daylight hours as long Philips lives on Leverett St. Philips quickly disappears from Leverett St shortly after his much touted SEAL experience is proven to be complete bullshit.

Bernard further escalates his terror campaign on Dec 12. when he publishes a press release with his skewed version of events including links to Boston’s employer’s website. As the past has shown, this was likely done to recruit a harassment brigade to blast them with antagonistic phone calls. In telling show of arrogance he claim to have “broke the story” on Free Keene.

In summation: Ian Bernard turned a personal matter between two adults into a public spectacle to humiliate and silence his critics. He violated their privacy and jeopardized the safety of their children and encouraged his associates and admirers to harass and intimidate the Schmidts. He peddled misquotations to spread innuendo and vicious rumors about people who had the audacity to wound his ego. He published the Schmidt’s home and business contact information knowing that it could lead to harassment and intimidation. He allowed chalk-wielding simpletons like Rich Paul, Manic Kitt, and/or Garret Ean to draw disgusting caricatures of Jenn in Central Square without censure.

961714_10155321640925573_1084232633_n 11080146_10155321641065573_91349792_nIan Bernard is a pathetic narcissistic whose only grand achievement thus far is turning an entire city against him. His actions and those of his trained apes not only stand as testament to Free Keene’s lack of integrity but also the lengths both will go to silence critics. A popular phrase among the milieu of dumbass slogans FK uses is “good ideas don’t require force”. Ian and FK obviously have no faith in this sentiment as they believe the goals of liberty must be met with intimidation and smear campaigns.

Does the liberty community condone this behavior? Will his peers ever hold him accountable for this behavior? Are headlines garnered by terrible people doing terrible things more important to the liberty movement than actually living up to their alleged belief in non-agression?

Has David “Creepy” Crawford Been Ousted?

creepycrawford1Dave Crawford has evidently crossed a line with someone in the Free Stooges. As seen above, Rich Paul cites Crawford’s persistent harassment of women (an ironic charge coming from a dimwitted buffoon like Paul who is known for scribbling school yard musings directed women all over downtown sidewalks). Graham Colson – another Robin Hood vet and MENSA candidate – is quoted as saying “He says some ridiculously stupid shit on Facebook.” which is an assumed reference to Crawford’s incoherent style of keyboard combat and willingness to go for the low blow.

It’s convenient this concern for Crawford’s behavior comes in the wake of Crawford threatening a man with a hammer in parking of lot of the Winchester St. McDonald’s. David claims this was done in self-defense but refuses to release his video recording of the incident. A duplicitous act that isn’t lost on his fellow liberty community members.


creepycrawford2Behavior like this is why he earned the nickname “Creepy”

David Crawford is just one more member/associate of Free Keene with violent tendencies and a streak of hypocrisy that spans city blocks. Much like Graham Colson, Crawford’s role as a useful idiot proves more of a detriment than an asset. Why is the larger liberty community only providing a continued silence on this trend? Are they afraid that holding one shitbag accountable might bring down the house of cards? Do they lack the ability to police their own? Or is the prevalence of scumbags and creeps in the movement something they’re willing to gloss over for the sake of inflated membership counts in media wank pieces?

Update 03-15-2015 : The Flowvella site containing more screenshots of Crawford’s creepy behavior has been located. This content is extremely disturbing and should serve as a warning to the kind of person Ian Bernard attracts.

Robin Hood founder, 101 Deals Proprietor Arrested in VA

jamescleavelandmugshotJames “The Mastermind” Cleaveland was arrested on 03/02/2015 while en route to his home state of Georgia. Pulled over by VA police for operating an unregistered vehicle (a box truck likely belonging to the 101 Deals store), the officer allegedly discovered Klonopin in the vehicle which James denied ownership or knowledge of. Klonopin is commonly prescribed to treat anxiety disorders and the symptoms of MS but it is also notorious for its recreational uses. It’s an incredibly potent hypnotic-sedative and those who have undergone rehabilitation for addiction to the substance describe the withdrawals as “pure hell”.

Free Keene wasted no time in rallying the moron militia to harangue and harass the jail staff. SFK members contacted the jailhouse for info about Cleaveland’s stay and to express sympathy for what the officers and staff where dealing with. They seemed pleased to know that not everyone thinks these idiots are heroes for believing they’re above the law. It is now unknown how this incident will affect The Mastermind’s suspended sentence from his recent trial. SFK will post updates as more info comes to light.

Jason Denonville aka Jay Freeville quits “Libertarian Paradise”


According to sources, Denonville has left for Florida and is not expected to return citing a falling out with 101 Deals owner James Cleaveland as the reason. Denonville was assumed to have been partnered with Cleaveland in opening the 101 Deals thrift store. No evidence of financial chicanery has been presented but it is believed that the bad blood is business-related.

Denonville has been one of SFKs most vocal detractors and trolls having gone as far as accusing its members of theft and homophobia. Jason had a particular dislike for Andrea Parkhurst Whitcomb and Joshua Erickson and liked to make comments that were transparent projections of his own poor life choices. Jason was also disliked in the liberty community for his loutish “humor” and behaving like a mafia enforcer when someone dared step out of line. Being singled out for denouncement by Jason Sorens, founder of the Free State Project, is most likely his biggest claim to infamy.

Jay won’t be missed. In fact, the departure of such a FK fixture from “Libertarian Paradise” is cause for celebration. Ian and his stooges – including Jason himself – have tried to downplay the impact our scrutiny and exposure has on the morale of their group. I’m willing to bet Denonville wouldn’t have picked up his toys and stomped home like this if we weren’t constantly hammering them for being terrible people.