Did Free Talk Live Defend Brad Spangler?

Update 01-27-15:

According to the woman featured below Mark Edge is currently “investigating her complaint”. As of this writing Edge or any other representative of Free Talk Live has not publicly respond to her allegations.

Brad Spangler is now in a psychiatric care unit.


Spangler’s daughter has come forward with a statement confirming his confession as true and included a plea for increased awareness of sexual assault and it’s consequences. Unsurprisingly, the misogynistic crackpots from the armpit of the liberty community were not pleased.


Brad Spangler is a libertarian theorist and commentator (though the libertarian community are trying their hardest to disavow ever having knowledge or respect for the monster) who recently admitted to molesting his daughter and presumably viewing child pornography. Brad is on the run after claiming he was going to turn himself in to the police for his heinous crime. His Facebook profile is now littered with comments for him to make good on his claim or kill himself.

To make things more sordid, one of Spangler’s intended victims has come forward with her account of her brief interaction with the deviant which ended after he made passes at her. In her video, she made an aside to Free Talk Live in which she admonishes them for taking Spangler’s side and exposing her name and other details to FTL’s cretinous audience after Brad did not take her rejection well. She was 15 at the time.

Below are some screen shots taken from a 12/03/2013 posting on Brad’s Facebook about age of consent laws. Note FTL’s Mark Edge giving approval to the exposed pedophile’s missive about sex with children. Interestingly, Spangler’s opinions mirror that of Ian Bernard’s as captured in a FTL broadcast from 2010 in which Mark made pains to excuse Ian’s hideous opinion.

bradspangler1 bradspangler3

FK Coat-Tail Rider Welcomes Sex Offender Into The Cop Block Fold

Eric Sanborn of Upper Valley Cop Block has joined Matthew Philips and Chis Cantwell in the running for biggest liability in the NH liberty community. Sanborn – a convicted sex criminal with a string of assault charges – co-founded the Upper Valley chapter of Cop Block with everyone’s favorite imposter, Mathew Philips, after Sanborn was allegedly brutalized by police in the area. Philips denied the accusation claiming that the Eric Sanborn in question was a different person. Then he promptly shot himself in the foot by presenting a picture from the criminal Sanborn’s Facebook profile as evidence.


ericmatt4Eric is a registered sex offender with a long criminal record. In June 2010, he was convicted for Vehicular Assault, False Reporting of Accidents, and Conduct After Accident. In April 2012 he had a Control Drug Act conviction, and in July 2012 he was convicted on two counts of Sexual Assault. According to the news report from the time of his sexual assault arrest, he was twenty years old and lied that he was seventeen to molest a fifteen-year-old girl. December 07 of 2014, Sanborn was once again arrested for violating the conditions of his release from a previous charge.

Ian Bernard and other Free Keene members have yet to comment on this or Philips’ poor decision of inviting a sex criminal to the party. Do they not care or are they worried their own indiscretions may be brought to light?

Keene Sentinel Spotlights New FSP Movers; Arrivals Disagree with FK’s “Activism”

Today’s Sentinel ran a piece on some FSP newcomers to the area and it did a great job highlighting the difference between Free Keene and the wider liberty community. FSP transplants Nolan Mann and natives like Andrew Wiegand offer a stark contrast to the vanity of narcissist Ian Bernard and the dittoheads he surrounds himself with.

He spends much of his time at work as a paraprofessional and little time doing activism. He prefers to support the movement by supporting the work of fellow movers, he said.

While Mann thinks activism like “Robin Hooding” is beneficial, Mann doesn’t like the aggressive tactics of some Robin Hooding people that landed them on the Colbert Report and in the N.H. Supreme Court.

“I enjoy the activism — I’ve done it, and I’m happy to support it in any way I can — but I disagreed with that (approach),” he said.

The article shows that these people have a basic and common sense understanding that’s eluded Ian Bernard and FK for nearly a decade. That being respectful and constructive members of this community leads to a more welcoming and receptive response from that community. It’s doubtful that any of these people – or other members of the liberty community with integrity  – hurl snarl words like “statist” and “hater” and engage in anti-social behavior like lying about their identities or supporting white nationalists.

Free Keene and Cop Block: A Safe Harbor for White Nationalists?

Consummate keyboard warrior Matthew Genack has a dirty little secret. In 2003, when Matthew lived in Madison, WI he and a young woman named Kasey Bieri met an interracial couple. Ms. Bieri and Matt decided to prove they still live in the Stone Age when it comes to race relations with Bieri spitting on them and then Matt attempting to instigate a fight. They were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct as a hate crime.


It could be reasonably suggested that this was an incident unrelated race and that Bieri simply had an issue with the person she spat on. However, Matt’s questionable ties to hate groups suggests otherwise. His name appeared on a 2004 leaked database of National Alliance supporters and members. The National Alliance was a White Nationalist/Anti-Semitic group that ceased existing as a membership organization in 2013. Founded by William Pierce, a college professor, who authored the “Turner Diaries” an ultra-right racist power-fantasy about a couple of psychopaths killing Blacks and Jews for America. The book most notably inspired the Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols’s bombing of the Alfred P. Murrow Federal Building which killed 168 people and severely injured many more.


To forbid any chance of mistaken identity, SFK went to great lengths to insure this is the Matthew Genack that often and freely shares his laughable and ass-backwards opinions on domestic and foreign policy.


Matt as he appears now.
Matt as he appears now.


Matt made an appearance at James Cleavland’s embarrassing attempt at self-defense on 12/29/2014. Why does Ian Bernard allow his organization to associate with people like Matt and his disgusting racial politics? Does he condone such beliefs or is he simple willing to ignore racism and bigotry when it’s inconvenient to his BS narrative of peace and tolerance?