A Very Crawford Christmas

Dave Crawford lived up to his nickname by spending Christmas videoing the home of SFK member “Boston” and his family from a van parked next to the KAC. Boston took the short video clip below as he was driving away from his home in order to document the activity. Crawford later posted his footage on the FreemanRAW Youtube account and claimed Boston made a “obscene gesture” at him. Dave apparently believes holding up a phone to record a disturbed man’s troubling behavior is an “obscene gesture”.

Obscene gestures from Boston would be completely understandable given the recent smear campaign he has weathered. Ian Bernard has taken a great interest in attempting to ruin Boston’s name and reputation after he made one of Ian’s favorite attack dogs look like a simpering idiot. He has also continued making the chalker’s (all two of them) lives miserable by washing their inane platitudes from the streets of Keene. Ian has been playing this “liberty” game for nearly a decade here in Keene. Is this what all of his efforts have to show for? Petty vendettas and writing hit pieces against a guy cleaning sidewalks in his spare time? Nonsense lawsuits and creepy schmucks sitting in vans and videoing people’s homes?



2 thoughts on “A Very Crawford Christmas”

  1. Ian Bernard is a psychopathic predator who makes money off of using, abusing and exploiting mentally challenged adults and even worse minors. Dave Crawford is one of those individuals. Ian Bernard is a coward who hides behind a camera who when confronted with the truth and anyone not afraid to be filmed runs like a scared dog with his tail between his legs. No doubt Ian Bernard is pulling the strings here with Mr. Crawford. Too bad Ian Bernard is not man enough to do any dirty work himself.

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