A Very Crawford Christmas

Dave Crawford lived up to his nickname by spending Christmas videoing the home of SFK member “Boston” and his family from a van parked next to the KAC. Boston took the short video clip below as he was driving away from his home in order to document the activity. Crawford later posted his footage on the FreemanRAW Youtube account and claimed Boston made a “obscene gesture” at him. Dave apparently believes holding up a phone to record a disturbed man’s troubling behavior is an “obscene gesture”.

Obscene gestures from Boston would be completely understandable given the recent smear campaign he has weathered. Ian Bernard has taken a great interest in attempting to ruin Boston’s name and reputation after he made one of Ian’s favorite attack dogs look like a simpering idiot. He has also continued making the chalker’s (all two of them) lives miserable by washing their inane platitudes from the streets of Keene. Ian has been playing this “liberty” game for nearly a decade here in Keene. Is this what all of his efforts have to show for? Petty vendettas and writing hit pieces against a guy cleaning sidewalks in his spare time? Nonsense lawsuits and creepy schmucks sitting in vans and videoing people’s homes?


Something stinks in Libertopia: Why Does Ian Bernard Associate with a Known Fraud?

Having his farcical restraining order torpedoed in court on Monday must have stung a little for legalese-spouting blowhard, Matthew Philips.  But Tuesdays expose by Don Shipley of Extreme SEAL Experience must have really smacked the crap out of his delusions of grandeur. Shipley is an ex-SEAL who makes it a mission to expose the dishonorable frauds who try to use the title of SEAL to boost their egos and garner respect that is completely undeserved. According to our sources, Monday’s blog post about Matt’s fake family tipped off other vets who were familiar with his previous instances getting caught wearing the uniform of a decorated SEAL and they likely passed the story to Shipley.

On 12/23/2014, Shipley put Philips on blast on the Keene Cop Block Facebook page. Below the screenshot is the full text of Don’s post.


Every organization, to be taken seriously, needs to carefully screen those they highlight as spokesmen for their cause. And just this morning, as I have again and again and again, I’ve verified CENTURION as a fake Navy SEAL who continues to skip on money owed and threatens those who confront him.

Your organizations reputation is only tarnished by allowing his narcissistic and sociopathic personality membership in it and his dislike of Police only stems from the fact that he’s had so many run-ins with them…

I strongly recommend you push him off the nearest cliff.

Don Shipley BUD/S 131, SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO.

Background on Centurion aka Mathew Phillips aka John Philpiano aka JP approx age 39 claims: ex Navy SEAL, wounded, decorated, rank: Lt Commander

NAVY TIMES (June 05, 2006)
News Briefs
Phony baloney recruiter

He posed as a Navy recruiter, wearing the uniform and medals and taking part in a Veterans Day ceremony.

Now, Matthew Phillips of Springfield, Vt., has been sentenced to six months probation for wearing the uniform without authorization.

Phillips, 31, pleaded guilty in February, acknowledging that in December 2004, he entered the U.S. Naval Recruiting Station in Keene, N.H., wearing a
Navy lieutenant’s uniform that had a SEAL badge.

Last year, Phillips wore the same uniform, accompanied by Navy recruiters to a high school in Bellows Falls, Vt. He also acknowledged he wore the uniform
on Veterans Day in 2004, in Claremont, N.H., where he played a major role in a public ceremony and was photographed

Imposter Arrested Again
Springfield, Vermont – November 15, 2007

A man already convicted for pretending to be a decorated Navy Seal, is once again charged with being an imposter.

32-year-old Matthew Phillips, of Londonderry, is charged with two counts of impersonating a public officer. Police say he stopped at construction sites in Springfield and Chester, and told workers he was an OSHA inspector.

Last year Phillips was placed on probation after he wore a uniform and medals to a Bellows Falls High School recruitment drive in Vermont, and to Veterans Day ceremonies in Claremont, New Hampshire.

Why does Ian Bernard associate with this man? How could a self-proclaimed “principled voluntaryist” stand by someone who violates the NAP and uses the state as a weapon? Others members of the liberty community have made comments about Ian’s actions flying in the face of his words and that his belief in the philosophy of liberty takes a backseat to self-promotion and personal gain. It seems Ian is eager to prove them right.

Matthew Philips: Liar and Closeted Statist?s

Matthew Philips had some choice words for SFK members Alan Givetz and Joshua Erickson who appeared at Keene District Court today in of support Boston who was defending himself against Phillips’ bogus request for a restraining order. As Philips was entering the court room Alan confronted him about his alleged military service record as a Navy SEAL. Philips didn’t take kindly to Alan’s negative assessment and threatened to bring him to court as well. Alan and Erickson were later informed that Matthew attempted to tack their names onto the suit filed against Boston at the clerk’s desk. Matt appeared eager to demonstrate his hypocrisy as a supposed “libertarian” by making two attempts to use the state as a method to silence critics.

After Matthew failed to get Givetz and Erickson added to his personal vendetta cum lawsuit he confronted them and asked what evidence they have that he isn’t who he claims he is. He was later reprimanded by the bailiff after he called both men “Boston’s cronies”. Matt immediately became combative with him and asked Ian Bernard if the camera was on to record the interaction. When the bailiff left the room, he continued trying to bait Erickson into an argument about his alleged birth name being “Johnathan Matthew Philipiano” and Erickson retorted with silence. When the farce of a hearing ended he dogged Erickson on his way out of the courtroom asking him the same questions and was once again met with silence.

Matt will get his answer now.

Matthew Philips claims his birth name is “Johnathan Matthew Philipiano” and he still used that name on Facebook up to May 13 of this year.

16  Johnathan Philpiano

On Matt’s profile he has a number of people sharing that surname. These include his “mother”, Elezebeth Philipiano, and his two “brothers” Vincent and Michael. The problem here is that much like Matt’s military service record these people do not exist anywhere outside of Matt’s head.

His alleged mother Elezebeth hasn’t been active on her account since 2010. You’d think a mother with three kids – one of which has some himself – would be more active in her family’s life. But that has to be difficult with all the French dating sites she’s frequenting.

14  Elezebeth Philpiano


Matt’s “brother” Vincent is a joke. Literally. He appears on comedy websites making fun of Italian-American stereotypes.

16  Vincent Philpiano


The most problematic is Matt’s other “brother”, Michael. Does Matt’s “family’ know that “Little Mikey” is also convicted murderer Justin Wilson who gained infamy in 2010 for posting to Facebook from his jail cell?

16  Micheal Philpiano
Isn’t it strange how all his family members have an issue with spelling their own names correctly? Elezebeth. Micheal.

We hope this answers Matt’s questions about why we think he is a fraud and a liar. Further questions can be directed to our FK Butthurt Hotline at 1-888-YOU-MAD?

A Statistical Analysis of Free Talk Live’s Content

12/21/2014’s episode of Free Talk Live had the FK brain trust* trying to further the BS narrative of SFK being violent and overall big meanie-heads. The on-staff penis-scribbler and self-certified intellectual, Johnson Rice, claimed he did some “statistical analysis” that showed only 100 of SFK’s FB group members were not forcibly added by us. Since Johnson didn’t show his work (the word makes FK members feel icky) one can assume he pulled the calculations from the same place his head resides.

SFK decided to gather our bean counters and do some analysis of our own. We started by violating the Geneva Conventions by making a few members sit through months of FTL archive material to gather the data we needed. After paying their therapy bills – and parsing the numbers from the horrid screeds of minds deranged by 42 hours of Ian Bernard’s voice – we came up with the results below.

Venngage   Pie Chart

*The brain-trust includes people who associate with FK and it’s related organizations and projects. Don’t sue us bro!

Derrick Horton’s Early Christmas Gift


Derrick Horton got a nice lump of coal on 12/8/2014 when Keene’s Judge Burke handed down a decision denying Derrick a concealed carry permit. The decision – shown below – cited Derrick’s repeated criminal offenses as reason for Burke’s denial. It also duly noted Derrick’s preoccupation with carrying a firearm has less to do with personal security concerns than it does Derrick’s notorious penchant for being a histrionic pain in the ass in the name of “liberty”. Unsurprisingly, the ever-preening narcissist has stated he’s considering an appeal. What purpose that may serve other than further wasting the tax dollars of honest and productive people is difficult to understand. But then again so is Free Keene’s incoherent philosophy and purpose.

derrickgun derrickgun2

Matthew Phillips Threatens to Sue SFK (Again)


Matthew Philips is a twice-caught fraud who enjoys posing as highly trained and decorated service men and OSHA inspectors. As shown above he goes by the name “JP Freeman” but he also possesses multiple other aliases including “JP Centurion”, and “Matthew Philipiano”, “John Philipiano”, and “Matthew Peiretti”. Matt’s love of verbosity and spouting nonsensical legalese are his calling cards and make his sock puppet accounts obvious.


Matt has also made ham-fisted attempts to hoodwink SFK members with these fake aliases. SFK member Andrea Parkhurst Whitcomb was the latest target of his chicanery after being contacted by people who knew Matt and his bizarre habit of creating fake identities. One of these people even shared Matt’s birth certificate which became key in exposing his not-so-subtle attempt at subterfuge. Here Matt assumes the identity of JD Crawford, owner of a contracting company in Alstead. The real JD Crawford was none too pleased to find out that Matt had used his name and likeness to spread lies.


Matt forgot that Facebook displays the name of the account holder as a default until you pick a URL.


Note the name in the URL: Matthew Peiretti. Now look at Matt’s mother’s maiden name on his birth certificate.

Matt believes switching two letters is enough to cover his tracks.

Matt’s continued acts of fraud and association with Free Keene begs the question: Does Free Keene tolerate or condone such behavior?

Keene Sentinel Publishes Editorial About FK’s Colbert Debacle

For many in the community, the show found exactly the right tone, showcasing the absurdity of the group’s anti-parking-meter efforts and depicting some members as bullies in their harassment of parking enforcement personnel. To its credit, the group has received the segment with a sense of humor and, presumably, the outlook that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

“The Colbert Report” wasn’t the first to make such observations. The Sentinel has run many letters from readers echoing similar sentiments about the group, and we’ve editorialized on its tactics. The New York Times ran a front-page 1 story last spring noting how disliked the group is in the community it claims to be trying to “free.” But the “Free Keene Squad” clip has brought a new focus to the controversy that we only wish we could.

The piece can be read here.