In the Wake of “Colbert” Fallout, FK Shows it’s True Colors

Bernard/Freeman turned the FK spin machine up to 11 today by linking Christopher “the Enforcer” Cantwell’s phony SFK site and implying it was this one. SFK member Josh Erickson made the mistake of calling Ian out on his dishonesty and received insults, sexually demeaning comments about his partner, and an invitation to a fist-fight by Cantwell for his efforts. The screenshots below do contain language referring to sexual assault and rape. Consider this your trigger warning if you are sensitive to such topics. Furthermore, SFK does not condone Erickson’s use of foul language but also understands his frustration with Bernard and FK’s constant reliance on lies of omission and misrepresentation to distort the truth.

There has always been a sizable part of the liberty community unhappy with FK’s representation of their philosophy. Its plain to see this contingent of critics increased in number after the Colbert segment skewered them for being self-righteous rebels without a clue. Ian addressed their concerns in typical fashion – downplay, deny, or distort – after the arch-misogynist Cantwell posted an image of a female SFK member with a sexually demeaning description that calls her a heroin addict. That Ian only addressed the heroin accusation and not the sexualized hate is telling of his character and more evidence of his blatant lack of respect for those who dare critique him.

Screenshot from 2014-11-22 22:08:56

That was a small part of the multi-commment sexist tirade against the SFK member who obviously hit some sore spots. Namely Cantwell’s admitted substance abuse and misogynistic tendencies. Earlier in the thread Cantwell unleashed a stream of vileness at her demonstrating the depths of his sexualized anger towards women.

1509118_566665273223_2914558061228727781_n 10388213_566665323123_8575115056144683311_n

Cantwell does indeed base his self-worth and income off of his Youtube/website traffic. A venture that has left him destitute, nearly homeless, and begging for donations and items from his Amazon wishlist which reads like Michael Vanderboegh’s shopping list. Here he waving his website traffic in front of Erickson and then making a not-so-subtle invitation to a violent confrontation.

 Screenshot from 2014-11-22 19:06:28

Stay tuned as these intellectual giants will surely spew more dishonesty and vitriol as the Free Keene edifice continues to burn.

Colbert Report Segment Spreads Across Net; Here are the Reactions

Free Keene’s commandant is trying to paint a pretty picture of the national spanking he received on The Colbert Report. In his latest blog post, Bernard/Freeman brags about the “hilarious spoof” spreading across the Net which confirmed our expectations that he would stick his head in the sand and pretend like he doesn’t front a group of “a-holes for freedom” that is being laughed at by anyone with a premium cable package. What he also expectantly failed to mention is the overwhelmingly negative reactions by the readers of the sites he linked.

Here is a choice few quotes:

Talking Points Memo

Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:16:10 PM

Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:12:47 PM

Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:15:07 PM

Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:16:57 PM Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:17:37 PM Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:17:57 PM


Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:19:43 PM Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:25:56 PM

Reason Magazine is the house publication of the Cato Institute which is a right-libertarian think tank. Accordingly, their comments bucked the trend of negative reactions. However buried in the “muh roads” caliber discourse were a few voices of *ahem* reason.

Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:31:08 PM Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:33:20 PM Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:34:19 PM

There is always one smug moron who points to us as an indicator of FK’s success. We can’t take the credit this time as some group called “Stop Free Keane” has usurped our role as LOLbertarian success barometer busybodies. 

Screenshot - 11212014 - 12:34:03 PM

As an intellectual exercise, lets replace some of the terms in the blog authors assessment of Colbert.

It’s a typical Free Keene punchdown against anyone of a perceived lower social status than their LOLbertarian audience who dares have opinions outside their pat-themselves-on-the-back herd of fedora politics.

Big Shout Out to the Colbert Report! *Updated*

Leave it to the comedic geniuses at Comedy Central to tell the truth that so many other media outlets have ignored in favor of fluff pieces about goofy dudes plugging nickels into meters. Colbert presented the most accurate depiction of Free Keene and their antics since Dan Barry’s NYT May 2014 piece about us.

Video clips of the segment will be made available shortly. Until then new visitors are invited to browse the rest of the site and the materials we have accumulated about Free Keene and it’s members. Again, many thanks to the people and crew of the Colbert Report!


Colbert posted the segment earlier this morning. Enjoy the video!

Mad props to SFK member Alan Givetz for his excellent job representing us and every other victim of Free Keene’s harassment and absurdity.

Chris Cantwell Makes Fake SFK Site, Needs Ointment for Butthurt


FK and their cultists have done this before. They created a fake Facebook page in a lame attempt to troll us and even some disgusting pages and profiles about our members. The ultimate fate for the fake page was turning into a handful of libertarian mouth-breathers circle-jerking over “statists” and dropping “muh roads” like it didn’t make them look 2 IQ points away from a head of lettuce. Many laughs were had by SFK members as it eventually dissolved into disuse as we reached over a thousand users on the real Facebook group.

Chris Cantwell decided to waste time and his precious little money creating a ham-fisted parody of this site that has “butthurt” written all over it. Given the abundance of sexist and body-shaming jokes about SFK members it’s easy to see that this is Chris’s attempt at one last swipe before he flees town like the coward he is. He had to at least show us a “fucking concept of real activism” by doing his usual thing of taking sniveling anonymous potshots at people who think he’s a stunted adolescent having the world’s longest temper-tantrum. He may have gotten away with it too if he wasn’t so blasted on cheap beer and Benadryl that he forgot to remove his WHOIS info.

Screenshot from 2014-11-14 17:01:53

So much for those snake oil pills you’re taking in an attempt to be smarter than shit in a pan, bro. You just proved you’re a dumber and more pathetic sad-sack than we originally believed. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!


5 Tips for A Man-Child

it’s amazing some of the hoops you folks will jump through to justify theft, murder, and slavery.

So says the lolbertarian crank known as Chris Cantwell. In his latest bloviating piece about “Anti-Liberty bloggers” (read: anyone with a blog who doesn’t kiss his ass) he tries to convince the reader that making fun of deluded clods like him and his buddy Ian Bernard is really bad, mmmkay? Because 30-something guys who think Timothy McVeigh is cool and questionable relationships with girls half their age is OK are inherently smarter than you. You know, you idiots who believe law, order, and indoor plumbing are kind of awesome.

Chris is influenced by the works of Ayn Rand. This shows most heavily in his need to excrete screeds of text that can be consider less “rational argument” and more “stunted adolescent tirade”. But what do you expect from a guy who believes Atlast Shrugged is more than just Dianetics for ineffectual nerds with a chip on their shoulder? We understand our readers’ time is precious so to demonstrate that brevity is the soul of wit here is 5 tips for Cantwell.

1. Stop Being a Try-Hard Asshole. No One is Impressed.

Yeah, we get it. Big tough guy from Long Island who don’t take no shit from nobody, capiche? Thing is, Chris, you’re so full of it that you don’t require anymore donations. You made great hosannas about how you were coming to Keene to “keep it real” and now your skipping town again with your tail between your legs and making the ‘Brutalist House” mobile with that haggard old RV that probably reeks of piss and dead possum.

Your bravado evaporates the minute you’re confronted by someone who doesn’t find your penile-compensation device or cameras the least bit frightening. You evidently believe calling women “whores” and “cunts” makes you look provocative and edgy when it just makes look like a misogynistic jackass. Same goes for your casual homophobia and dropping the word “faggot” like its your last name.

However, watching you turtle up when “confronting” Boston Strong and only finally getting tough when the cops show up was the perfect example of what you are: all mouth and no balls.

2. Get a Job. A Real Job.

Confirming the biases of sexless and angry basement-dwellers is not a job as evidenced by the fact that you are “desperate for money”. Put your supposed IT experience to use and do something more productive than being the go-to guy if someone wants a Minecraft server for their Bitcoin club.

3. Your Site Doesn’t Matter. Stop Pretending It Does.

The people who take you and your site seriously are the same people who tend to believe a shadowy cabal of lizard-people are controlling world governments. The kind of people like Tim McVeigh who inevitable blow up buildings or gun down cops in some utterly lunatic homage to “liberty”. Well-adjusted people only visit your ravings when they need an example of the kind of trash the Free State Project attracts and welcomes into their fold.

We don’t care about the Alexa rating of our site nor it’s profit potential. It only has one purpose: being a thorn in the side of people like you and the rest of the “liberty” crowd. Besides, your broke ass is the last we’d go to for advice on monetizing. However, we do agree that DoNotLink is not going to work for us in the long run. Now we’re using in order to deny you what little ad revenue a ranting nobody from the fringe of fedora politics can generate.

4. Yes. We’re Haters, Chris. Here’s Our Favorite Flavor of Haterade:


5. An Angry White Dudebro Peddling Libertarianism? Alert the Nobel Committee!

Clowns like you are a dime a dozen. You can spit into a Brony convention and hit about three self-described geniuses who believe the gold standard and isolationism isn’t laughably archaic. It can be assured that they are also in the same boat as you: broke, forever alone, and on their way to living in a shitty RV down by the river.

You’re not a genius, Chris. Your writing – while well constructed – is vapid and replaces substance with length. Your politics are based on tidy little axioms like “force is bad” or “liberty is good”. You dismiss opponents by suggesting they’re inhuman monsters who condone theft, murder, and slavery for disagreeing. This isn’t brilliance or even well-reasoned argumentation. It’s intellectually laziness for people who need to feel and appear smarter than others but don’t actually want to do things that might give them brainy-hurt like thinking critically.

In conclusion, it was wasn’t nice having you around and we sincerely hope we never again have to endure the stench of your toxic presence. Lighthouses rule. You suck, Brutalism is for tools, and your mother dresses you funny. If you disagree, then you like torching orphanages and eating kittens.You smell like onions and feet. Seahorses. Forever.

See? We can be Cantwell-smart, too.

Direct Action Alert: Boycott “101 Deals”!!!


FK members and their associates are parasites. They have spent nearly a decade bleeding the coffers of this city dry with their idiotic stunts and intentional clogging of our courts with asinine trials. Then these entitled children attempted to further dodge civic responsibility by establishing a BS church in order to give their freeloading a patina of legitimacy. As if denouncing “the state” as a parasitic entity while still using the goods and services it renders doesn’t make them sound as brilliant as a blackout.

Free Keene member and Robin Hood founder James Cleaveland quit his accounting gig and decided to gamble on a business venture. He opened a thrift shop/propaganda clearinghouse called “101 Deals” on Rt. 101 heading towards Marlborough selling tat and bilking people out of their pretend money with a Bitcoin ATM. James and his friends have spent the better part of a decade robbing the people of Keene and now expect us to freely open their wallets to buy the crap he’s selling?

Not a chance. Boycott 101 Deals. Boycott it for all the misery they have put this city through. Refuse them patronage for all the harassment and intimidation tactics they have inflicted upon our city employees. Deny them for all the terrible things Ian Bernard has a said and done to people just trying to earn an honest living. Turn your back on them for inviting a violent and disturbed individual like Christopher Cantwell into our community. Reject them for these horrible bigoted comments Derrick J Horton made about disabled people those who care for them and even a potshot at people of faith.
derrickablism derrickablism2

Then stick it in his ableist craw by visiting More Than a Thrift Store on Marlboro St for your thrift fix! All proceeds from sales go to Southwestern Community Services whose New Hope New Horizon initiative assists those with developmental disabilities in achieving a full and enriching life.

No Means No, Chris Cantwell.

Content Warning: This post contains discussions on topics which may be triggering and offensive, including rape, transphobia, and misogyny. Read at your own discretion.

For a man who supposedly follows the Non Aggression Principle, Chris Cantwell seems to have trouble understanding that no means no. More concerned with asserting his “legal right to film” than the consent of those he was filming, he followed a group of Keene State College anti-rape culture protesters down the street with his camera, attempting to throw them off with inane straw man arguments. And, in true Free Keene fashion, made slanderous claims of events that supposedly happened off camera.

Cantwell let's his bigot flag fly
Cantwell let’s his transphobic flag fly

Cantwell was mostly ignored during the protest until the end of the video when a protester approached him in an attempt to get some credentials to assess why he was filming. Protesters could tell something was off about him and, judging by his past forays into the topic of rape, their spidey senses were dead on. Without burdening you with the numerous examples where he’s displayed his willful ignorance about rape in the most triggering and misogynistic ways possible, here is an excerpt from last April, where he suggests that, without rape  and sexual assault, the world would become depopulated (click at your own risk, he has a tendency to unnecessarily describe violent rape graphically for “shock value”).

“I hate to go all Alex Jones on you, but I’m tempted to say this is a depopulation agenda. Asking a woman if you can kiss her, is generally a sure fire way to make sure that you never do. If this became the general standard of conduct for mating rituals, the human race would cease to exist within a hundred years.”

“Drunk sex is fun, people engage in it all the time and they almost never cry rape afterwards. By Laci Green’s standard, upwards of 25% of the population are rape babies (I’m making that statistic up, but you can bet a lot of our parents were drunk when mom got pregnant).”

Cantwell is not simply ignorant about what rape culture is, he is actively and aggressively in support of rape culture, to the point where important discussions of consent have him creating irrational conspiracy theories when asked to make sure the person who he is attempting to sleep with actually wants to sleep with him. His understanding of consent is deeply rooted in sensationalist movie plots, romance novels, and men’s magazines, not in the real world where consent is a tricky area due to unbalanced power structures, coercive social and gender norms, the use of drugs and alcohol, etc. He is desperate to maintain a culture in which exploiting the fear or inability of your partner to say no is a viable and legal way to get them into bed. This suggests that Cantwell doesn’t know what enthusiastic consent looks like first hand. He states that he just knows when a woman wants his advances, and yet he has probably driven out more women from the cause just by being himself than anyone else, so something tells me he is not actually paying attention to what women want and is projecting his desires onto the women he surrounds himself with.

So to expect the protesters to take him seriously, engage him civilly, and welcome his attempts to turn their protest into propaganda, is ludicrous. It is not the job of anyone, protester or not, to engage with anyone whom they find threatening, abusive, insincere, or otherwise counterproductive. When it comes to feminist activism, too many hours are wasted by women telling their stories to anti-feminists who write them off and gaslight them. It is an act of self preservation to disengage when faced with someone who is clearly not approaching you to have a civil and rational discussion. Cantwell is one of those trolls, and you can’t fault anyone for not wanting to be around him when his own self-description includes the word “asshole.” Why would anyone waste their time dealing with an unrepentant abuser? Especially when it comes to topics as deeply personal and potentially triggering as rape. You cannot reason with abusers.

As for the outrage over Cantwell being removed from campus, he is well known to campus security by now. He was just barely involved in the KSC riots mere weeks ago, and live streamed himself participating in them in an inciting way. Why would campus security allow him to antagonize protesters when preventing a second riot is still weighing heavily on their minds? Cantwell’s straw man arguments were not harmless questions, they are counterproductive to rational thought and reasoned discussion.

The way he writes on his blog about what women are allowed to call rape, describing violent acts of rape like he was writing the sequel to Straw Dogs, his motives were clear: to cause distress and re-victimize the survivors in the crowd. Campus Security has a responsibility to protect their students. Allowing someone who has written at length about the rape of women being the only way to keep the world populated, who thinks it’s funny to scream, “fuck the police,” in the middle of a riot where people are being badly injured and injuring police, and who walks down the street with a gun to address a noise complaint, to antagonize these students would be completely irresponsible on their part. Their job is to assess dangerous people and situations and act accordingly. It’s not about whether or not these protesters can handle debate (if you call presenting them with straw man arguments debate), it’s about whether or not Cantwell can conduct himself like the grown man, almost twice their age, that he is. He has proven repeatedly that he can’t and that he is a loose canon, even by Free Keene standards. How can an organization that once revoked his ability to use their blog for his violent rhetoric question campus security for doing the same? Just another example of their blatant hypocrisy depending upon which stance suits their agenda at any given time.