Garret Ean "Liberty = Lying Through Your Teeth"

Garret Ean recently posted a photo on the Robin Hood of Keene Facebook page of a $15 “donation” check he allegedly received from the much regarded Main St institution “Ye Goodie Shoppe”.


As Garret has shown a tendency to “misremember” facts, SFK took it up on itself to determine the authenticity of the donation. We were not surprised when the proprietor or someone with the authority to cut checks claimed they were not aware of nor did they authorize such a thing.


It begs two questions: How many more of these alleged donations to Robin Hoodlum and his Merry Man-Children are complete bunk? Why does an organization who claims to be beloved by all need to resort to fabricating donations?

Free Keene and CopBlock: Should They Share A Portion of Blame for Pumpkinfest?

Did Free Keene and Copblock sow the seeds of the Pumpkinfest Riots? In this video, clips will be exhibited that suggest both groups may share some complicity in the destructive events of Oct 19th. In the months prior to Pumpkinfest Free Keene and CopBlock members canvassed the neighborhoods around Keene State College with anti-police literature and video recorded interactions with students where they pushed anti-police/anarchist agit-prop.

The videos used in the following highlight reel were shot on the 22 and 23 of August 2014. These videos are available in their raw format on Derrick Horton’s Youtube channel. As the viewer will be shown, CopBlock’s literature promotes the idea of law enforcement being akin to a criminal gang and falsely contextualizes all interactions with police as intrinsically violent. The chest-thumping about rights and oppression only obscures the real message of CopBlock which is blatantly anarchist in tone and agenda.

CopBlock and Free Keene purposefully targeted college students knowing that this message would find fertile ground in infamous party scene where nights often end with an awkward phone call to Mom and Dad from the drunk tank. Could their reckless desire for attention and recruits have planted the seeds of destruction that grew into the 2014 Pumpkinfest debacle?

Bernard Looking to Weasel Out of Responsibility (pt. 42)

According to the Keene Sentinel, Ian Bernard believes he’s too good for even the absurdly lenient sentence delivered to him last week. The special snowflake leader of Free Keene has petitioned the court to let him make a charitable contribution to local service providers in lieu of actually getting his hands dirty or committing the mortal sin of “voluntaryism”: placing the welfare of others before yourself.

We have some recommendations if the court should agree to this arrangement. Instead of the charities Ian selected, he should be required to give a cash donation towards the following causes:

Domestic/Sexual Abuse Awareness and Relief

Missing and Exploited Children & Human Trafficking

Friends, Family, and Victims of Drunk Drivers

Drug Abuse Outreach and Support

Homeless Veterans Relief

SFK: “ineffective and should not have any attention paid to them”?

FSP supporter Naomi “West” Jeys apparently believes so. In this predictable “townies and rednecks” comment she states that us illogical white trash people are below the concern of those enlightened folk who have a bong they named “Roderick Bong” and think its OK to respond to a speeding citation with deadly force.


What Ms. Jeys conveniently forgot to mention while tapping out her petulant screed was that her boss – Brandon Ross, ESQ. – and his client Mark Edge evidently found SFK member/blogger Joshua Erickson to be an effective enough threat to the FK/FTL empire to warrant attention. They sent him a cease & desist letter dated 09/02/2014 threatening Erickson with a frivolous lawsuit over a comment about Mark’s 2nd degree murder charge and his non-membership to FK.

candd1 1492333_10154578436390352_3705878021161231807_o

Mark’s 25 year old legal problems are a matter of public record. As is the fact that his charges were upped to 2nd degree from accessory after state authorities found out he admitted to two other individuals that he played a larger part in the death of Ballapurian. He and the other defendant pleaded no contest to the charges and Edgington served nine years of a thirty year sentence. Mr. Ross’ opinion that this constitutes “a legal fiction” is just that: an opinion and an ill-informed one at that. If citing this obvious reason why many people probably don’t want to be around Mark is “ill-intent” then Erickson is guilty as charged.

He is also guilty of suggesting the sky is blue and that water is wet. Arrest that man before he strikes again!

As for “pretending Mark is part of Free Keene”: the assumption is easy to make when you look at the history of involvement Edge has had with the site including appearances at events and even blogging for the site. His business entanglements with Ian Bernard (aka Freeman, aka Can’tDecideifheLivesinFloridaorNewHampshire) should also be an obvious connection with Free Keene and Free Keene members. See below:

Screenshot from 2014-09-04 23:53:54 Screenshot from 2014-09-04 23:55:38 Screenshot from 2014-09-05 00:32:06 Screenshot from 2014-09-05 00:33:07 Screenshot from 2014-09-05 00:36:10

That members of the NH liberty community resort underhanded attempts to silence critics shows that SFK is quite the opposite of what Ms. Jeys is purporting. It shows how vital our cause is, how strong our commitment is to it, and how much commentary like Naomi’s sounds more and more like wishful thinking as we progress.

On the other hand, FK can’t stop shedding members and hurling asinine ad-homs like “collectivist” and “statist” under the belief they actually draw blood instead of laughs of derision. They believe thugs like Rich Paul and the equally violent Chris Cantwell are great examples of “peace activism”. They believe five dollar parking tickets are “aggression” and that people aren’t worthy of even basic respect and consideration if they don’t agree with their middle school understanding of the world.

“Laughably pathetic”, indeed.

KSC Students Mock Free Keene

“The Owl Pellet” is a satirical news site started by Keene State College students. As they describe it:

The Owl Pellet is a weekly online newspaper servicing Keene State College Students founded in 2014.

All the articles are also fake and stupid.

The Oct 16. edition of The Owl Pellet contains a hilarious piece titled “Free Keene Members Still Unsure What Part Of Pumpkinfest To Get All Fucking Pissed Off About”. Some highlights:

Free Keene, an activist group with a few dozen members, has been in the area for the better half of the last decade angrily berating people about government overreach, just like your drunk uncle does every Thanksgiving….

Free Keene has planned an emergency meeting for Saturday morning to decide which of these two obviously non-incendiary issues they are going to create a one-dimensional caricature of to spend their entire day getting upset about…

“I gave all 35 members a go-pro and told them to ‘go around and be a dick. Be as big of a dick as you can.’ That’s what I told them. Because that’s how you create change.”

Josh Erickson – SFK’s resident obese vegan socialist – responded to the piece with praise. “I wish I could write that well. But its hard to hit the keys with my fat fingers and the lack of iron in my diet leaves me too tired to formulate decent arguments against shooting cops or being a creep who has sex with a girl half my age. By the way, I have horns!”.

The full article is available here. The rest of the site is funny as hell, too.

FSP is not FK-Friendly? Someone Needs to Tell Carla That.

As most are aware heavily moderates our comments section. This is because maintaining an open-door policy leads to true believers in fedora politics starting inane choruses of “muh roads” or “haters gonna hate” in lieu of responding to valid criticism. Despite it perfectly demonstrating the intellectual stunting of the average FK sycophant, its ultimately a waste of time and energy better spent on more productive things like watching cat videos while having a sandwich. Like the note says on the side: ain’t nobody got time for trolling.

SFK recently received the following comment and thought that it warranted a proper response in order to clear the air about where the FSP stand in SFK’s eyes. A number of months ago, SFK member Josh Erickson had a face-to-face conversation with FSP board member Varrin Swearingen and both seemingly came to a mutual understanding of each others positions. Josh agreed that painting the whole organization with the same brush was intellectually dishonest but that he would not hesitate to spotlight FSP members who aid or support FK. That a few SFK supporters are FSP members also added more impetus to maintaining civil if cool relations with the FSP.

Things have changed since then and you can lay the responsibility at Carla Gericke’s feet.

From “John Winston”:

Hi, I wanted to pop in to try and draw some distinction between Free Keene and the Free State Project. I know the people who run this site are not libertarian-minded, so I’m not here looking for political agreement – but know that people of a libertarian mindset/members of the FSP, most of whom are moderates who describe themselves as “socially liberal and fiscally conservative”, largely disavow Free Keene. Ian Bernard/Freeman and his ink are not representative of the FSP, nor are they held in high regard by most FSP members. Hate on Free Keene all you like, but treat the FSP as a political adversary, not as some kindred spirit to Ian & Co.

Since before Josh’s conversation with Varrin, various people have pointed out instances of FSP president Carla Gericke coaching and cheering on FK members and activities. She once suggested that Ian re-frame his imbecilic “Chalk Wars” as a war between artists and uptight townies. Most recently she praised the kind of antisocial behavior Ian and his flock engage in since it “riles up the base” and bemoaned the lack of reaction recent outings have been getting.


Here are the question that need answers if John Winston’s assertions are to be taken seriously:

Why does the FSP insist on there being zero connection or endorsement of FK – outside of using Free Talk Live to advertise – when the president of the organization is one of Ian Bernard’s biggest fans and supporters?

How much longer are we expected to believe that “the majority” of the FSP has no interest or much love for FK when we regularly see financial and social entanglements between members of both groups?

Why keep the disgust and denouncement behind closed doors? What does the FSP have to lose from publicly disassociating from Ian Bernard and his cult of personality?

Why is the FSP seemingly afraid of Ian Bernard and FK?

Ian Bernard’s Girlfriend Embarrasses Herself in Court

The barely-legal First Lady of Free Keene hasn’t quite gotten the hang of being a pretentious nuisance and lost her fight against the evil First World oppression of speeding tickets. The comment threads on can quickly become heated and outright vicious and this was no different as critics take joy in watching (girl)friends of FK like LeBlanc get their just deserts. But the white knights soon appeared on the horizon and the ensuing flame war revealed some alarming allegations and more examples of anti-state stupidity.


If these allegations are true, Ian would be doing a lot more than his upcoming two year stint and would have a nice spot on the NH sex offender registry. That aside it does beg the question: why is a 34 year old man dating a 17 year old? FK boot-lick “State Hater” has the answer.


What about those whose maturity starts earlier? It’s not uncommon for some girls to reach sexual maturity at age 8. Does the ability to produce sperm and ova automatically grant someone the cognitive or emotional maturity to handle the personal and social responsibilities of sex? Forcing yourself to sit through five minutes of ‘Teen Moms” may well prove that theory wrong. Making appeals to nature to excuse the obvious manipulation of a child is idiotic and morally repugnant.

State Hater: “Look at me, I’m a keyboard warrior who thinks children can have sex because they’re biologically equipped to do so! Liberty in our lifetime! Ian Freeman for Governor! Do you need a babysitter?”

No one cares about where they met or if they “love” each other. What matters is whether or not a person who makes his career out of sitting on a moral high horse is a giant piece of human wreckage who preys on kids. But let’s play State Hater’s game for a bit and answer his questions.

(1) It is our business if this “consensual” relationship constitutes a gross moral, ethical, and legal violation involving a child. No one wants to share their community with someone who preys on children especially those with children.

(2) Who cares if it is legal now? If the allegation is true that Ian engaged in a sexual relationship with a 14 year old then he has committed a crime. Disbelief in “government rules” doesn’t make them go away. “State Hater” was probably one of those kids who tried to fly after watching Peter Pan and chalked up their broken arm to “not believing hard enough”.

(3) Irrelevant. A 20 year old is capable of holding a job, voting, serving in the military, owning property, and giving informed consent to sexual activity. What is a 14 year old’s worries and responsibilities? Homework and not wearing last years fashion?

Not content with the answers they got from other commentators, “State Hater” and “Agent Kris” added this to the conversation:


Plenty of other people have done other heinous things throughout human history, Kris. Murder. Rape. Genocide. Dubstep. Are we to give future instances a pass because of a historical precedent?

And “State Hater” is just blowing smoke with this comment. He hasn’t had face-to-face contact with a woman in years not counting the cashier during his last visit to the corner store for some E-Z Widers and Zebra Cakes.

The last comment is this gem:


Incorrect. The next meeting is about proving that Ian uses Comic Sans and is proud of it.