Commandant Freeman’s LOLuntaryist Puppet Show

Is Ian Bernard using sockpuppets to make SFK look bad? FK commentator “Roger Wilson” seems to believe so:


Prior to using the realistic portrait of Jason Denonville, “Bane” was using an altered picture of SFK member and blogger Josh Erickson complete with the requisite “Statist Hitler ‘Stache‘.


Erickson’s image was later re-purposed by another obvious troll who mocks Boston Strong and utilizes stereotypical African American Vernacular English.


Has Bernard become so worried about the pressure from his increasing opposition that he is desperate enough to use tactics like this? His allies – like Roger Wilson – believes it to be the wrong idea and ultimately harmful to the cause. But if the past is an indicator of anything, Ian will ignore such advice and soldier on under the erroneously belief that him and his organization are liked or wanted in this city.

Garret Ean Makes A Bid for “Biggest Wind-bag Ever”

Garret Ean has exercised his love of verbosity and ten-dollar words by writing an essay about Cantwell’s videoed confrontation with a SFK member. Ean tries desperately to make it seem like he’s above the fray by doling out condemnation for both sides. However, he betrays his allegiance by continually using loaded terms like “xenophobe” against SFK which carry a connotation of racism and bigotry – a fact that he is surely aware of – while conveniently forgetting to mention Cantwell’s use of the word “faggot” against “Boston”. Below is a response to some of Ean’s commentary.

There’s the fear and hate mongering at STOP FREE KEENE!!!, which when boiling over to violent rhetoric or threats thereof, occasionally gets censored. Then there’s the realistic incidents of actual violence in Keene’s streets regarding activist related activities.

No one had to encourage or instigate the resentment and frustration towards the “liberty activists” in FK. It’s been around for years only it’s now organized and has a name. We don’t actively promote hatred and fear of FK. FK does it for us with their smug attitudes, obnoxious behavior, and the welcoming of violent goons like Chris Cantwell and Rich Paul to our community. Garret and others constant reliance on farcical tone arguments like this only further illustrates the weakness of their cause and their character.

it seems there are those who are making it their life’s effort to embody the forces of antagonism.

Indeed. They’re called Free Keene and Robin of Hood of Keene.

When comparing the profiles of the two figures involved in the embarrassing public dispute, it is laughable the extent to which they are mirror images of each other on different life paths.

Chris Cantwell is a former drug dealer/political candidate who began his illustrious career as a mouthpiece for brutalist libertarians (read: neckbeards) when the police had the audacity to arrest him at 19 for a DUI. In contrast, it’s probably safe to assume Boston’s career isn’t based around pandering to bigoted idiots or making click-bait videos only a 12 year old boy would find impressive. The only thing laughable here is Garret’s expectation of being taken seriously as he tarts up his tired strawman arguments with a detached tone and long-winded prose.

There are those who confuse free speech to mean that one may (or must) say whatever one wishes, to include threats, implications of hostility, or other sorts of otherwise universally unpreferable verbal conduct. The American concept of free speech is defined from what is essentially a conditional prohibition upon government conduct. To evolve human conduct, we ought develop a higher standard than the lowest agreeable allowance of the general consensus.

Garret needs to exercise caution when he pats himself on the back this hard. He might pull something. “Free speech” has been a consistent cop-out for all sort of noxious behavior by FK and friends. Garret and his Robin Hood buddies were quick to use the aegis of “free speech” to defend their harassment campaign against city parking officers. Chalking penises and obscenities in front of candy stores has been called “free speech”. Ian Bernard’s and Derrick Horton’s attempt to indoctrinate middle and high school kids with secessionist literature and exhortations to drop out is “free speech”. But “Boston” letting the above “free speech” advocates know exactly how he feels about their activities? Over the line, aggressor!

This entire screed stinks of so much BS that people in Polynesia are checking their shoes.

Trouble in Libertopia?: A Sympathetic FSP Member Shares Interesting Screenshots


Thanks to “Boston Strong’s” video, it looks like Chris Cantwell’s fat gob just got him booted from another FSP-affiliated group and has the rest of the Liberturdian crowd at each other’s throats. Porcupines is a closed Facebook group where FSP members and the like talk about how cool they are for playing with fake money and how hating clean drinking water and public education makes the smarter than everyone. It includes FSP President Carla Gericke, Mark Edge, Ian Bernard (alias: Freeman), coat-tail riders like State Rep. candidate David Crawford, and the recently evicted Garret Ean and Manic Kitt. A sympathetic FSP member – who will obviously remain nameless – has shared some screenshots taken from recent conversations in this group that paint a satisfying picture of in-fighting, egoism, and the mental contortion acts people will perform to elude reality.

As previously stated, Chris Cantwell’s armed run-in with “Boston Strong” has some liberty loons a bit miffed. Cantwell was summarily banned from the Porcupines group after he responded to critiques with copious amounts of swearing and belligerence. Unfortunately, his banning removed his existing comments but the fallout they caused is still evident.


Please note Bone Jah Ja’Freemon’s pistol whipping comment at the end which reveals how lolbertarian’s really feel about the use of aggression against others. The rest of the conversation thread quickly devolves into pithy retorts from some sad people trying to defend a guy who pens apologetics for rape and imbecilic odes to cop killers. Unsurprisingly, Ian Bernard pokes his head in to defend Cantwell and ignores any commentary about his willfully myopic view of Cantwell’s negative influence.



Most interesting is Carla Gericke’s disappointment with Ian for not pimping the FSP during his Russia Today appearance. The FSP has always stressed that they are completely separate from Free Keene and it’s activities despite sharing members and other associations. I was even told this by board member Varrin Swearingen in person during our conversation a few months ago. President Carla apparently has not received this memo and also wants CopBlock to say it’s genesis was the result of the Free State Project. She even bizarrely and arrogantly cites her successful lawsuit as reason to do so. Her suggestions are criticized and mocked by many including CopBlock honcho Adam “Ademo Freeman” Mueller for their hubris.





So is FK part of the FSP or not, Carla? And when will Ian realize sticking his head further up his ass about how much Cantwell (or FK in general) is disliked and mistrusted isn’t going to make the problem go away?

Chris Cantwell Loses It

Free Keene’s favorite Wyatt Earp wannabe, Chris Cantwell, decided to take a stroll down to the home of a SFK member (affectionately known as “Boston Strong” by FK members) and have a tantrum in his driveway. When Cantwell’s BS and doublespeak had no effect his rhetoric dissolves into homophobic insults (“shit-talking Boston faggot”) and he threatens “to leave the gun at home next time” implying that he will initiate violence against the filming Boston. The police show up shortly after and Mr. “Cop Killers are Cool” is heard meekly telling his side of the story to one of the three officers who arrived.

This video contains NSFW language. A lot of it.

Funny how the “non-aggression principle” flies out the window when bravado and the tacit threat of an openly-carried firearm doesn’t get them their way, huh? What is also funny is how none of his FK buddies came down to help him or support him. Neighbors who witnessed the exchange stated that Chris claimed he didn’t agree with FK or it’s goals and was personally responsible for the expulsion of Garret Ean. Is Chris proving to be more a divisive force than the boon that his friends in FK eagerly anticipated?


We figure you got more “realness” than you anticipated, Chris.

Commandant Freeman Purges the Ranks

Ian Bernard is never one to take criticism even when the stability of his organization hinges on it.


What FK&Friends does isn’t “activism”. It’s obstructionism and histrionics. Activism involves working towards a political goal or ideal. Being an obnoxious heel hasn’t garnered them much success in this regard. This is, or course, assuming that acquiring the distinguished title of “those assholes with the cameras” isn’t key step towards their coming LOLbertarian utopia. This is all old news to SFK supporters and readers but it appears some former true believers and KAC residents are finally facing this reality. Unfortunately for them, it also means they have been left without a home and a few less “friends”. According to Mariah “Manic” Kitt, her and Robin Hood ‘fro-sterboy Garret Ean are no longer welcome in the KAC.


According to Manic, the living embodiment of obnoxiousness, Derrick J Horton, is responsible for her expulsion from the KAC.


Derrick Horton causing drama and being less than truthful?


As usual, we at SFK advise against taking anything a Free Keene associate says at face value. Much like Graham Colson after his removal Robin Hood roster, losing his blogger status, and his public meltdown we expect to see Garret and Kitt at Ian’s next publicity stunt.

James Cleaveland’s Campaign Platform: YOLO SWAG 420 BLAZE IT

In an effort to be “down with the kids”, Robin Hood founder, FK member, and accountant James Cleaveland has been canvassing the neighborhoods around Keene State College with these unintentionally hilarious attempts at pandering to KSC’s infamous party scene. Note the endorsement of his FK buddies and associates on the bottom back side.



Cleaveland hopes to nab the District 4 State Rep seat in November by posing as a Democrat. I’m sure the people of Keene want their representative to enable college kids to spend four years perpetually drunk, stoned, and pissing in their neighbor’s garden (this actually happened to a SFK member during the 2013 Pumpkinfest debacle).

Free Keene candidate racist commentary; Ian brags about embarassing endorsement

Dave Crawford – Free Keene toady and candidate for Rep. of Keene – evidently believes concepts of “freedom” don’t apply to people of color and their ability to be free of disgusting and derogatory slurs. Among the 17 comments on the blog posting about Cantwell’s bizarre anti-government police officer LARP video is one made by Dave Crawford calling another poster a “house nigger”. 



Problematic attitudes like this are common among FK members (Cantwell practically admits libertarianism is for boorish louts with self-esteem issues) and the reason why PoC avoid libertarian politics. Normally a comment like this would torpedo a political career but Crawford is just a boob and never had a chance of winning anything save a free subscription to the “The White Worker”. 

Nobody likes a racist, Dave. Well, except maybe for the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition who just awarded Ian Bernard an “A” rating on gun rights. Back in 2010, the NHFC awarded candidate Ryan Murdough the same rating. Ryan Murdough is a Nazi scumbag whose racist and anti-Semitic statements had the NH GOP denouncing him as a “despicable racist” and ousting him from their party and ticket. Ian shouldn’t be so quick to celebrate that endorsement. The brain-trust in charge of that organization doesn’t seem to bother double-checking their candidates as I’m sure they wouldn’t give their approval to a guy who thinks it’s OK for adults to have sex with kids.