Free Keene Costs Keene

How much has Free Keene of the Monadnock Shire Church cost the City of Keene? The City of Keene should tally up the totals and present it to the taxpayers. It is their right to know.

Seen on the Free Talk Live Facebook page is a post from Ian Bernard Freeman and Mark Edgington. It is an invitation to clog NH courts. Free Keene wants to spend MORE of the taxpayers money.


Free Talk Live is a profitable, syndicated talk show run out of the home of Ian Bernard Freeman (73/75 Leverett St)via LRN.FM radio.
This is also the location of Bernard’s “parsonage” where he is seeking non-profit tax status for his fraud church. The request was recently denied.

Between evading taxes and clogging courts, Ian Bernard Freeman does not appear to be a contributing member of the community.


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