Commandant Freeman’s Campaign Platform and the FSP

Ian Bernard has a snowball’s chance of winning support from any legit wing of the NH Democratic Party in 2014’s gubernatorial race. But his VoteSmart survey for his office grab offers a telling insight into FK’s politics and the goals of the Free State Project. FSP supporters and board members often become irate at the association but it’s documented and fact that Carla Gericke is no small fan of Ian’s ability to draw attention in even the most problematic and morally dubious ways.

Yes, Carla Gericke is a Free Keene supporter despite the boards efforts to distance themselves from Ian’s three ring circus. During the  last couple of weeks of arrests and assaults that FK has idiotically deemed ‘the Chalk Wars” Carla has been offering advice on how to “reframe” the conversation as angry villagers vs artists. It’s unclear whether or not Carla actually considers crude depictions of semen-spewing phalli “art” but its clear the connections between the groups go far beyond Ian’s status as an early signer/mover.



Ian’s stance on women’s reproductive rights is common among libertarians so it’s not even worth discussing. His stance on budget issues is what should alarm the average person. Across the board, Bernard would eliminate all public spending (education, law enforcement, infrastructure, healthcare/Medicaid, etc). “All products and services should be provided on a consensual basis – taxes are theft.”, he responds. He also betrays his pro-business slant by hypocritically promising to eliminate collective bargaining (unions) rights for state workers despite professing a support for unions in the past.

Pro-business is also describes Ian’s economic policies. Deregulate, deregulate, deregulate. It’s the same naive Rothbardian/Koch playbook of diverting regulatory and legislative power to the institutions that can only gain from a lack of oversight. “Certification and boycott” is the given solution to gross abuses of power but this is just an article of faith for libertarians: if we dissolve the state it will be inevitable that power will be shared between the employee/person and the monolithic institutions he/she must navigate on a daily basis. And I have a stable of unicorns in my backyard that lay golden eggs and sing “Raspberry Beret” when you pinch their butt. Isn’t it fun to pretend?!

The rest of Ian’s answers are run-of-the-mill libertarian talking points. Public education is bad, markets are good, and minority groups don’t deserve “special protections” like not having their sexual orientation or gender identity used as a legitimate basis for second class citizenship. There is one thing that stands out above all in Ian’s Political Courage award winning survey: he’s a secessionist.

Secessionist groups in New England have a colorful history of shacking up with racists and wingnuts of all stripes. Making this a campaign platform is political suicide but we’ve already established he’s not a serious or even viable candidate. However, it does provide further insight into what the Free State Project stands for and the company it keeps.


There Goes The Neighborhood: Cop-killers No. 1 Fan Comes to Keene

We tried to avoid talking about Chris Cantwell as much as possible since he’s a vile and hateful manchild who relishes being the center of attention. But since he’s moved into our backyard over the last week our hand has been forced. Susan the Bruce’s latest blog spells out the situation perfectly but we’re going to add some details that make Cantwell’s arrival all the more odious.

Cantwell’s foray into “liberty” BS was prompted by a 2009 arrest for driving 15 over the speed limit with a BAC of .09. He claims everything about his two felony counts was falsified and he was railroaded into a 4.5 year prison term because punishing those who endanger the lives of others is tyranny and everyone know the biggest victims of structural violence are white guys from affluent Long Island neighborhoods. Prior to this he served a 4 month prison term for similar charges when he was 19.

Was it mentioned that he’s an unrepetant drunk driver?

Cantwell has made this moment of ego-deflation the proverbial clown car from which all his adorable traits spring from. He found libertarianism to be the perfect excuse for indulging in navel gazing self-aggrandizement and no small amount hateful and derogatory language. To see how far he bought into this crap , one only needs to look at his tantrum when he was made persona non grata in the Free State Project and the Keene Activist Compound. Because suggesting he can justifiably end the life of a cop trying to pull him over for driving stinking drunk falls completely in line with the NAP he once again claimed victimhood.

He may be a selfish drunkard but at least he’s got principles!

Its easy to see why Ian Bernard and Chris are bosom buddies, too, when they both agree that drunk driving is a “victimless crime”. The members of SFK who have lost family and friends to drunk drivers or seen them severely injured by such selfish negligence disagree.

cantwellnoduiproblemiandrunkdriversWelcome to the neighborhood Chris. But you should stop acting like you own your new place. It was purchased by a NY couple with ties to the FSP and the sale was facilitated by Mark Warden, a FSP early mover, State Representative, and a realtor for other libertarians looking to help colonize NH. Why use the couple for the sale? Are you broke or too worried about another backlash and don’t want a mortgage hanging around your neck when you retreat back to NY to lick your wounds?

Free Keene’s Monopod Misnomer

Free Keene expended a lot of energy spinning a false arrest narrative for Rich Paul’s laundry list of bail violations. They chose to focus most of their efforts on spreading uncertainty about Rich’s possession of a police-style baton. The party line was that Rich was in fact brandishing a video camera monopod as a weapon (as if that makes his violence excusable?) and the charge of possessing the club was a devious plot concocted by the State to cage a “peaceful activist”.




Anyone who hadn’t been toking the community bong at the KAC knew the story was phony and FK was just whitewashing their moral failings like usual. But there was never much proof aside some shaky video and eyewitnesses that didn’t not get involved for fear of Free Keene’s reputation of launching hate campaigns against critics. It was going to be a matter of hearsay and rumor until someone came forward with the truth.

Who’d of thought it would be Rich Paul?



SFK to appear on Colbert Report; Ian Bernard: “Vet can handle Iraq but not us”


A production crew from Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” was in Keene to interview members of Stop Free Keene and Robin Hood of Keene. We consider it an honor that a comedy giant like Stephen Colbert wants to deflate our egos a bit! However, Ian Bernard has allegedly used Colbert’s presence as an opportunity to make insulting comments about former PEO and Iraq War vet Alan Givetz. Ian smugly announced to the Colbert crew that Alan “could handle Iraq but can’t handle Free Keene and Robin Hood”. Ian appears to be under the sad and mistaken assumption that he should be proud about coercing a man into quitting his job to protect his family.

Do you like having the city be a canvas for crudely-drawn pornography and depictions of male genitalia? Today, the chalking ordnance research recommendation will go in front of a committee for approval. The floor will be open for citizens to comment so SFK encourages all citizens to show up and let the council know we’ve had enough of juvenile scribblings and vandalism. The chalkings below were drawn in a heavily trafficked area of downtown Keene in front of the locally-owned candystore “Life is Sweet“. The meeting will be held on the 2nd floor of Keene City Hall in the city council chambers Jun 19 @ 7pm

chalkpenis chalkpenis2 chalkporno

In Brief:

  • Robin Hooder Mariah “Manic” Kitt is a talented woman. But the fundamental difference between her and a real artist like the woman pictured below is that her painting doesn’t involve the destruction of property or vandalism. Food for thought, Ms. Kitt.



  • A SFK member has unearthed a blog posting from Jun 2012 by Ian Bernard that spells out Christopher Cantwell’s anger issues, reliance on verbal and physical abuse, and endorsement of violent political tactics. While two years is ample time for personal development, recent events have shown little is different about Chris and his enthusiastic belief in “defensive violence” against government employees and law enforcement.
  • The callow personal attacks against proprietress Dorrie Lynn O’Meara have moved the Facebook pages of her businesses Pedraza’s Mexican Restaurant and it’s neighbor The Pour House. Free Keene fanboys have continued accusing her of condoning or promoting assault in regard to the fountain incident earlier this month. SFK would like these individuals to know that we will use every means at our disposal to expose you and your activities. We will not allow another family to suffer what the Emerson’s suffered after Free Keene’s hate campaign resulted in deranged 3 am phone calls and attempts to destroy the livelihood of a family.


Free Keene: Super Mad; fans suggest murder


Derrick J furiously tapped away at his keyboard after Graham Colson’s sentencing to denounce Alan Givetz and the entire legal process as cowardly. He also made subtle digs at Alan’s masculinity by calling him a “meter maid” and mocking his decision to quit for the safety of his family. Cowardice is a funny accusation coming from a guy whose two year “self-imposed exile” was more of a “flee the state until the statute of limitations expire” situation.

Graham himself weighed in on his fate by foregoing self-reflection and doubling down on paranoid invective.


Ademo Freeman of CopBlock also made a pathos-filled statement about Graham’s 60 days. The statement prompted a fanboy named Richard Chiu to suggest murder as a viable solution to prevent the jailing of people who commit crimes. It seems Cantwell and Kokesh aren’t the only “peaceful” activists who advocate killing law enforcement.

10322825_10152469020280480_2402060564539227838_nIn Brief: 

  • Unsurprisingly, Ian Bernard has recently admitted that his gubernatorial run is just an attention grab. Aren’t his handlers getting sick of all the money he’s blowing on these vanity projects?





Graham Colson gets 60 days; eats words

Graham Colson has been sentenced to 60 days in Cheshire County House of Correction for violating his bail conditions. His sentence begins on July 1st.  Garret Ean’s failed defensive stratagem for Colson was to use a combination of Freemen law and assassinating the character of key witness Alan Givetz. According to sources, roughly 3/4ths of Ean’s questions were objected to and sustained as irrelevant. Suffice it to say, SFK would not recommend the legal counseling services of Garret Ean.

As previously reported, prior to the trial Graham allegedly said to an assembled group of SFK members that they were “about to see Alan embarrass himself in front of a lot of people”. When the outcome was opposite of expectations he allegedly fumed at SFK members leaving the lobby “You guys got your way. You win, you f*cking losers. Go Stop Free Keene”.  We want to thank Graham for his support and hope he thinks of us fondly during his stint in the Spiritual Retreat.

In Brief:

  • Ademo Freeman of CopBlock didn’t remove Cantwell from the admin roster for reasons of common decency or respect for the victims of the recent shootings and their families. Cantwell was removed because he was afraid of offending the “PC” sensibilities of us “slaves” lest we dislike CopBlock. Is he afraid of attaching his gravy train to the imminent wreck that is Cantwell?


Ian Bernard Runs for Governor; Shire/FSP Members Seek Local Offices

Ian Bernard has announced that he is vying with Maggie Hassan for the NH Democratic Party primary nomination. Popular opinion says he’s got a snowball’s chance of winning anything but scorn from the Democratic establishment for his cack-handed political machinations. He is not the only Shire shyster making a bid for office, though, as Free Keene luminaries and fanboys are looking to take Cheshire County seats.

Mark “Edge” Edgington (R), of Free Talk Live/Shire Church Monadnock,  has withdrawn his candidacy for NH House, Cheshire District 1.

David Crawford (R), the hateful and half-literate keyboard warrior for Free Keene, is seeking the Cheshire District 4 Ward 1 seat.

Varrin Swearingen (R), former President of the Free State Project and current board member, has is running for Cheshire District 16.

Darryl W Perry has made a declaration of intent to also run for Cheshire District 16.

In Brief:

Christopher Cantwell has evidently lost his access to Copblock after posting his disturbed endorsement for the recent cop killings in Las Vegas and New Brunswick. Robin Hood member and Free Concord founder Garret Ean has publicly stated his relief that CopBlock has disassociated from “crazies” like Cantwell.

Cantwell recently appeared on Adam Kokesh’s web talk show to discuss when it is “OK” to kill police officers. Kokesh was heavily criticized last week for his commentary about the Las Vegas shooters when he justified the killers’ actions by stating they saved lives in the long run by removing two people eating lunch from existence.

Graham Colson is on trial today for violating the conditions of his bail. Sources present say Graham stated before the trial “You guys are about to see Alan get embarrassed in front of a lot of people.” in regard to witness Alan Givetz. Garret Ean is reportedly representing Colson. The outcome of the trial and additional information will be reported in a future post.