Commandant Freeman has a bit of a “truth” problem.



Oh really? On Free Talk Live’s Jan 7 2010 episode you seem to think so.

Keep telling lies, Bernard. It’s just making our job easier.



9 thoughts on “Commandant Freeman has a bit of a “truth” problem.”

  1. This is the single most important clip that people need to hear from Ian Bernard. The path that this line of thinking goes down is frightening. According to Ian public schools are a toxic wasteland of indoctrination harming our children but those same children can consent to any behavior in an adult’s bedroom.

  2. This is the single most important clip to highlight about Ian Bernard. There is no context where this line of reasoning makes any sense save for predators. Taken to its logical conclusion it implies that the person making such a claim is willing to engage in sexual activity with YOUR child. 5th graders and grown men don’t engage in consensual relationships and there’s no amount of philosophical meandering that’s going to get people to agree. Age of consent is the first conversation I have with anyone regarding FK and and the free state project. Make him own it.

  3. I forgot to mention that in that clip the voice of reason (co host) is a man convicted of second degree murder. The “it makes me uncomfortable” guy is a person who helped hide a body, served almost a decade in prison and openly talked about it on that show.

  4. Thanks for posting that video, Josh. I’m glad you left the parts in where I say that adults having sex with children is reprehensible. Children, by definition, are not physically mature enough to have sex with an adult. It’s also unlikely that a child will have enough information about sex to be able to make such a decision. While I don’t consider children, that is, people who haven’t reached puberty, as able to consent, that does not mean that the individual child in question couldn’t disagree with my position and claim they did. In that case, I would reluctantly accept what the child claimed was true about themselves.

    In my case, I was ten or eleven when I engaged in sexual play (no anal penetration) with my 16-year old neighbor. He didn’t coerce me and there were no negative consequences. The law says he committed a crime, but I disagree. He was a friend and I would not want to see any harm to come to him for what we did.

    Had he instead forced himself on me, that would have been rape and that would have actually been a crime.

    So, not a lie – just a difficult issue to discuss and consider. People hear what they want to hear on this topic.

    1. Video speaks for itself, Ian. The only thing I cut out is Mark’s tangents with your caller. I pointed to the date of the show if people need to hear it raw. Deal with it.

  5. Once a child reaches puberty they can consent to sex? Is that why Ian is dating a child? That is perverse. He needs to have his head checked. His girlfriend Rene is a victim. She is a lost child and he took advantage of her. It is sick, sad and disgusting.

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