Rich Paul, Man of Peace

A SFK supporter was downtown running errands when she noticed Robin Hood of Keene member Rich Paul having a “peaceful” conversation with an unknown person. They were evidently arguing as she could hear the other person calling various members of Free Keene/Robin Hood of Keene “liars”. Paul’s response is indecipherable due to background noise but his body language is hostile and he can be seen backing the man into the entryway of a downtown business. He cuts off the interaction when he notices her pulling her car into the parking space in front of him.

Is this what the “peaceful evolution” looks like?

Free Keene Celebrates Memorial Day

(Mature Content Warning: Language)

Memorial Day is a solemn event where we honor the memory of the service men and women who died in the line of duty. What better way to do that than by chalking anarchists symbols on a Civil War memorial?

The “A” stands for a part of the human anatomy not spoken of in polite company.

Today Free Keene “honored” the memory of the fallen by chalking Central Square with more inflammatory graffiti and childish scribbles. Moderation doesn’t come easily to the nice folks at Free Keene so they decided to colorify our world by also scribbling all over the trees of the Common.

Nothing marks the solemnity of the day like juvenile drawings depicting police brutality.

treechalk treesmiley treesmiley2

The gazebo wasn’t spared from the festivities, either, as Bluto and the brothers of Delta Tau Chi were apparently in town and felt like leaving their mark and a smiley for good measure.

animalhouse lolsmiley

The biggest FK Memorial Day contribution came from Commandant Freeman himself with his supposed brandishing of a peace flag at the end of the Memorial Day parade. His stagey “march” received mixed reviews from his audience.

ianlovesaparadeadammemorialday ballamemorialday ballamemorialday2 dannymemorialday grahammemorialday richardmemorialday robertmemorialday wesmemorialday

In fairness, Ian did have a few vocal supporters.

mattsupporter mattsupporter2

” I would not take sh*t from any masonic flag-waving scum.”

Special thanks to our supporters for the screenshots!

Remember to contact us if you want to join the Monadnock Community Coalition’s Central Square Restoration Project! Our first event is repainting the floor and steps of the gazebo on June 7th and 8th!

Special Note To Jason “Jay Freeville” Denonville: Asking us to “thank you” for the opportunity to clean up after you and your friends is like thanking a dog for defecating on the carpet. Food for thought!

WKBK & Some More Comments From Our Friends At FK

The two of the SFK team and myself appeared on Chris and Greg’s Sound Off on WKBK yesterday morning. We discussed the origin and purpose of SFK, some personal stories, and our evolution into a community service group that aims to spend less time on computers and more time making Keene an even better place to live. Overall the response from the people of Keene was positive and we look forward to channeling that energy into our upcoming projects. Special thanks go to Chris and Greg for giving us the opportunity to speak to the people of Keene. Continue reading “WKBK & Some More Comments From Our Friends At FK”

Shire “Fraud” Church Refuses Transparency Request

On May 16th 2014, SFK member Kimberly Diemond submitted a written request for financial disclosure to Shire Free Church minister Ian Bernard and Robin Hood commandant James Cleavland. Each request was for a full accounting of all income and expenses for both organizations including donations, maintenance and upkeep, salaries, and services. Non-profit organizations are required to submit an IRS Form 990 and to make the information within it available upon request.

In a letter dated May 19th 2014, Jason “Jay Freeville” Denonville responded to Kim’s request. There was no IRS Form 990 documentation or other accounting of the Church’s finances enclosed with the letter. The Board of the Church unanimously decided to flout their legal requirement to disclose their financial records.

On June 27 of 2013, Ian put the city “on notice” that the Keene Activist Compound was a now a “parsonage” for the Shire Free Church. Echoing the rhetoric of the extremist Sovereign Citizens movement, he proclaimed that the Church and its members only recognize the authority of God and would no longer endure “coercion” from the city in the form of taxes and statutes. He later announced that he no longer held ownership of the Church property (his home) as it was donated to the Shire Society. A spurious claim that was dismissed by Kim Diemond as a classic shell game:

The Shire Free Church Holdings, LLC was also incorporated in 2013, by Ian (Bernard) Freeman through a third party representative that was hired to file the incorporation documents in New Mexico (the LLC was never registered in NH). This entity was created for the purpose of transferring the Leverett Street property from Mr. Bernard Freeman the person to Mr. (Bernard) Freeman, aka The Shire Free Church aka Shire Free Church Monadnock which now holds title to the 73-75 Leverett Street property.

Essentially, with Ian being an incorporator of the Shire Free Church Monadnock (the non-profit created by Ian and his cohorts to try and “legitimize” their so-called church), the controller of the Shire Free Church Holdings, LLC (which is the current “owner” of the Leverett St property), a self-appointed minister of the church, and resident of the Leverett Street property – he has donated the property to himself –and attempts to claim a tax exemption in the process, by calling the property a “parsonage”.

The Church later received non-profit accreditation from the State of NH. Ian also amended his position on taxes and “voluntarily donated” a fraction of his owed money and donated a $1000 to a local private school as a statement against public education. On March 6 2014, Ian Bernard and Darryl Perry filed for tax exempt status. The Board of Assessors has until July 1 to make their decision.

James Cleavland has not yet provided a response to Kim’s request. Free Keene and “Robin Hood of Keene” members have continual denied making any overt claims about RH’s nonprofit status. Robin Hood’s Facebook page has it listed as a Non-Profit Organization and the group solicits for donations on its website and literature.

Ianlie Ianlie2

SFK strongly encourages you to contact the Keene Assessors Board and tell them you refuse to foot the bill for a fraudulent “church”!

I Don’t Want Ian Bernard’s “Love”.

A more accurate portrayal of my public image amongst FK members.

While SFK is appreciative of Ian accepting our apology – and leveling disapproval (if vague) at Jason Denonville for being shady – I have to disagree with the premise of his blog. Its not that I disagree that you shouldn’t judge a group by its loudest voices. Where I part ways with Ian is when he starts pronouncing himself as a man of love. Ian doesn’t love us. He doesn’t love the city of Keene. His love for Cantwell will only last as long as the lout’s ability to cultivate media attention with dyspeptic rants about killing people and the finer points of armed insurrection.

This is how Ian actually feels about us and the city of Keene:


In fairness Ian was quoting Keene resident Bob John. However the context in which it was shared makes it evident that he agrees with John’s ignorant and hateful opinion of the people of Keene. In short, Ian allegedly believes “the community at large is f—— stupid”. That doesn’t sound like “love” to me, Ian. That sounds like hate born of narcissism and bad faith.

A Clarification and Apology to Ian Bernard

We made a mistake.

Miscommunication is the bane of any organization and it often leads to ill consequences. In this case, we inaccurately accused Ian Bernard of contacting our hosting provider. In fact, it was Jason Denonville who contacted Charlesworks:


I’m a blogger over at and am currently working on a story about the new website of the local hate group named “STOP FREE KEENE!!!”. I noticed during my investigation that the website,, appears to be hosted on a CharlesWorks server.

I am looking for an official comment on whether CharlesWorks knowingly supports associating itself with this organization which espouses blatantly violent rhetoric.

SFK apologizes to Ian Bernard for misidentifying him as the individual who contacted our hosting provider and for any undue harm we may have caused to his name and reputation in the community. We also request that Jason Denonville refrain from continuing to inaccurately smear us as a “hate group” or misrepresent a moderator’s oversight as “violent rhetoric”. If we intended to elevate the discourse between our groups it is necessary for false accusations to cease on both sides. Going forward, SFK will take extra precautions to insure that the information we receive and transmit is truthful and accurate. We ask that Free Keene do the same.

A Response to James Cleavland’s Letter to the Editor

Robin Hood of Keene mastermind, James Cleavland, wrote a letter to the editor of the Keene Sentinel with the usual assortment of backhanded compliments, continued attempts to pin the “mob of angry villagers” label on us, and pointing to our unwillingness to engage in dialogue with FK as a moral failing.

To that end, this letter serves as an invitation to meet. Regrettably, Stop Free Keene members seem unwilling to talk to anyone who holds an opposing view. One illustration of this position is their Facebook group being locked from outside comments. For comparison, anyone can comment on the Free Keene Facebook page or website. I want to hear comments about the things I do and am open to dialogue, especially in the case of disagreement.

Allow us to explain why we don’t engage in discourse with Free Keene or provide you a space to push your garbage, James.

Shortly after Jessica Mack posted her video dissection of Garret Ean’s problematic protest monologue, Free Talk Live employee and intellectual giant Johnson Rice spammed her channel with angry ranting and attempts to spread personal information about SFK member Andrea Parkhurst Whitcomb and her family. This was complemented by some choice cuts of misogyny from half-literate FK coattail-rider David Crawford.

Race-baiting from FTL’s resident keyboard warrior.
Dave Crawford edited these comments shortly after making them once again proving misogyny and cowardice go hand-in-hand.

Ignorant Free Keene supporters are in no short supply either during these “dialogues”:

Taco guy here needs to refrain from bong-usage before logging in to his Youtube account.
SFK member Zach Georgina in “dialogue” with FK
Andrea is called a “crazy cafeteria lady” for the crime of having an opinion.
Classic FK discourse: “Lol, ur dum an poor. Smoke weed erryday 420 BLAZE IT”.

Garret Ean and Rich Paul aren’t the only people who imply we’re hatemongers for daring to disagree with a voluntaryist:

This guy is a board member of the Free State Project.

SFK’s Brandie Roof has been singled out and targeted multiple times by FK fanboys after engaging with them:

download (5)

Brandi Roof

However, the prime example of why we avoid dialogue with Free Keene is the false page that has been maintained since our inception. Ian Bernard has denied creating the page despite the misgivings of fellow travellers who find his underhanded tactics distasteful and dangerous to the liberty movement. This doesn’t stop him from blatantly lying when called out for admitting to it’s creation.

Ian can’t even be straight up with his own community.

Free State Project reject and internet tough guy Chris Cantwell makes veiled threats against us and lies about his relationship with Ian Bernard:

“I deplore violence. Now let me brag about how I’m Quickdraw McGraw and how I’d shoot you in the head.”
“I’ve been banned from Free Keene”
“That’s silly. Chris is not banned from my house.”

Hope this answers your questions, James. If you have any other inquiries about our policies do not contact one of our members as we have no desire to be subjected to further personal abuse, lies, evasions, veiled threats to our personal safety from heavily armed blow-hards, having our personal information shared, or having our words twisted by disingenuous people more interested in their crackpot agenda than any sort of “dialogue”.